Ace (still Ace in the Japanese version) is Rex Owen's faithful Carnotaurus. He is voiced by Seiko Tamura in the Japanese version. His species is Rex's favorite dinosaur.



Ace card

Ace arcade combined card (Japanese McDonald Happy Set Edition)


Like all anime dinosaurs except Black Tyrannosaurus, his card was only available in Japanese and Taiwanese versions but can be used in English arcade.

  • Japanese
    • 2007 2nd Edition (AN02-竜; Super Blitz Type)
    • 2007 3rd Edition (AN08-竜; Super Blitz Type)
    • Shogakukan's 2nd Grade Primary School magazine promo edition (AN16-竜; Super Crisis Type)
    • Non-sale McDonald Happy Set Meal Edition (Combined Card CC-02; combined with character Rex and 3 moves: Biting Wind, Cyclone & Sonic Blast; Tie Defense Type)
  • Taiwanese
    • Series 2 2nd Edition (AN02-龍; Super Blitz Type)
    • Series 2 3rd Edition (AN08-龍; Super Blitz Type)



Ace anime card

Move CardsEdit

A tornado surrounds Ace, surrounding him with wind and boosting his power. This is his original Move Card, as well as his most-used one. He twice used it to suck up a large amount of water, turning his attack into a "Hurricane" (a giant water tornado).
Ninja Attack
Ace creates duplicates of himself, which attack the opponent simultaneously. This was first used in Dinosaur King episode 13 to defeat Tank. Tank often gets defeated by this move.
Mayfly (Kagerou)
By running at blinding speeds, Ace can hit the opponent multiple times. It was obtained after Allosaurus's defeat, and was only used to defeat Terry and Tank in Santa Saurus!.
Thunder Storm Bazooka
A Fusion Move of Ace's Cyclone and Chomp's Thunder Bazooka that sends Chomp flying forward in his Thunder Bazooka attack with wind swirling around him for an added impact. It was used three times: first to defeat Seth's Saurophaganax, and second to defeat Spectral Armor Torvosaurus. Sheer recalled Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus before the attack could hit it.
Ultimate Wind
Ace is surrounded by wind, then rams into the opponent. It requires Element Boosters. It was first used against Megaraptor and last used against Apatosaurus.
Biting Wind
Ace shoots out blades of wind from a tornado. It was only used to destroy the lava from the volcano in Elements of Surprise.
Hurricane Beat
Ace lifts the opponent with twin tornadoes, jumps up and kicks them repeatedly in the face, and then knocks them back with a swing of his tail. This was obtained after he defeated Megaraptor, who had used the Move.
Sonic Blast
Ace shoots a tornado from his mouth at the opponent, blasting them back. It was used in several battles before being used in the finale as a combo move to break through the Dark Pterosaur, and it defeated Armatus and Maximus along with Chomp's Lightning Strike and Paris's Emerald Garden.


Carnotaurus - Ace TCG Card 1-DKTB

Ace TCG card (DKTB)

Ace Battle Mode TCG Card

Ace (Battle Mode) TCG card (DKTB)

  • Attribute: Wind
  • Sign: Rock
  • Power: 700-800 (Ace), 1500 (Battle Mode)
  • Level: 1 (Ace), - (Battle Mode)
  • Life: 0 (Ace), 3 (Battle Mode)
  • Card Codes (Ace): DKTB-090/100, DKAA-089/100, DKBD-089/100, DKDS-089/100, DKTA-089/100, SAS-083/100, DKJC-???/100
  • Card Rarities (Ace): Common
  • Card Codes (Battle Mode): DKTB-089/100, DKAA-090/100, DKBD-090/100, DKBD-100/100
  • Card Rarities (Battle Mode): Gold Rare (DKTB, DKAA), Silver Rare (DKBD), Colossal Rare (DKBD)
  • Other: As a Special Dinosaur, his larger forms, Battle Mode and Dinotector, can only be summoned by being placed on his smaller form.
  • Abilities:
[D-Team Slash] (Ace (DKTB, DKAA, DKBD, DKDS))
You can only Dino Slash "Ace (Battle Mode)" by placing it on top of this Dinosaur.
[Pinch Hitter] (Ace (DKTB))
During your turn, when one of your other Dinosaurs battles, you can send this Dinosaur to your discard pile. If you do, use this Dinosaur's Rock-Paper-Scissors icon to decide which Dinosaur has to use a Move first.
[Assist] (Ace (DKAA))
When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur from your hand, all of your other Special Dinosaurs in play gain +200 Power until the end of the turn. (You can only use 1 [Assist] ability per turn.)
[Elemental Boost: Lightning] (Ace (DKBD))
If you have a Lightning Dinosaur in play when you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, draw 1 card.
[Dinotector On] (Ace (DKDS, DKTA, SAS))
If your Turn Counter is 4 or higher, you can Dino Slash "Ace (Dinotector)" by placing it on top of this Dinosaur.
[Special Assistance] (Ace (DKTA))
Wind Special Dinosaurs can use this card as a Super Move that gives +500 Power.
[D-Team Assistance] (Ace (SAS))
When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, you can reveal your hand. If you do and there are no Dinosaurs, choose a Special Dinosaur from your deck and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
[Wind Master] (Ace (Battle Mode) (DKTB, DKAA))
This Dinosaur can use all Wind Super Moves.
[Super Whirlwind] (Ace (Battle Mode) (DKTB))
When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins the battle, it can attack again, but it must attack a Dinosaur.
[Loyal] (Ace (Battle Mode) (DKAA))
While your Character is face up, this Dinosaur's Power is 1700 (from 1500).
[Fusion Master] (Ace (Battle Mode) (DKBD))
When this Dinosaur uses a Fusion Move, it gains an extra +300 Power.

DS GameEdit


Dinosaur KingEdit

In Battle at the Pyramids, his card, along with Cyclone (and Paris), was found in Alberta, Canada, by Dr. Owen at a fossil dig, and was immediately shipped to the D-Lab. He was first summoned by Rex after teleporting to Egypt to help Max and Chomp fight the Alpha Gang and wild Spinosaurus (now under their control); he managed to defeat Spiny. He was called "Ace" because it means number one, and was Rex's first dinosaur. His chibi form was introduced to Mrs. Taylor as a "dog", and he lived in Max's house with Rex.

He becomes the second most-used dinosaur after Chomp and managed to defeat a number of dinosaurs throughout the season. He acquired his second Move, Ninja Attack, from the card-folio Jonathan had after retrieving it from the Alpha Gang, and took Mayfly after besting Allosaurus, being the only D-Team dinosaur to not use a Normal Move.

He is easily the fastest dinosaur of the D-Team and even all main dinosaur, as seen in Alpha Bets It All, and manages to dodge hits from Tail Smash and Shockwave, both of which were thought unavoidable, and avoided Mayfly with Ninja Attack. Although he is not as powerful as Chomp, he has beaten his fair share of powerful opponents like Carcharodontosaurus and Alpha Acrocanthosaurus, both of which had an Element advantage over him, and managed to perform the first Fusion-ish Move, combining Cyclone with a large volume of water.

He is, however, afraid of water, which was shown first in Maui Owie!, where he refused to help Styracosaurus. In All Fired Up! and Falls Alarm!, he manages to briefly overcome his fear to help Rex and defeat the rampaging dinosaur, but was shown to still have it later in A Kyoto Caper.

In One Final Move, he and Chomp were instructed how to form a Fusion Move by Dr. Z, using Thunder Storm Bazooka to defeat Seth's Saurophaganax. In the finale, he was summoned as part of the crowd to help to defeat the Black T-Rex, using Cyclone as part of the Super Fusion Move that defeated it. After that, he and the other dinosaurs were taken back to the future on the Backlander with Rex, the Alpha Gang, and the Ancients

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

…but were forced to return to the present by the attacking Space Pirates, reuniting Ace and Rex with the D-Team. When the timeship flies uncontrollably to the Late Cretaceous Period trying to follow the Pirates, he was summoned alongside Paris to stop the Alpha Gang from summoning Spiny and Tank to capture wild dinosaurs.

This season, he acquires a total of 4 new Move Cards, three made by Dr. Z to battle the Space Pirates, and Hurricane Beat stolen after defeating Megaraptor. He and Chomp managed to defeat the first Spectral Armor dinosaur without armor themselves by using Thunder Storm Bazooka. In Dinosaurs of the Caribbean, he first uses his DinoTector Form to battle against Edmontonia, but it takes until a later fight to use Ultimate Wind and beat Megaraptor, the only main dinosaur to have this delay.

Despite not being the star player that Chomp was, again taking second spotlight, in some situations he was shown to be better than him. He defeated Megaraptor and Gojirasaurus, who had nearly defeated Chomp, thanks to his Wind Moves, and he even defeated Lexovisaurus, the only low-rank dinosaur that defeated Chomp this season. He was even able to do well against Secret Dinosaurs: he was fast enough to land a hit on Seth's Cryolophosaurus, though not defeat it, also defeating Sheer's Deinonychus trio twice, a feat that had taken all three D-Team dinos against Dr. Z's trio. Still, he was sometimes beaten, falling to Yangchuanosaurus, Anhanguera, and once to Armatus.

With the other main dinosaurs, he takes part in the final battle against the Dark Pterosaur in his DinoTector Armor, using Sonic Blast as part of a Fusion Move to punch a hole in it, then in a combo attack to defeat Armatus and Maximus, and using Ultimate Wind to help to defeat Brontikens. However, because he'd been summoned by Seth's copied Stones to take part, he was forever locked from being summoned as a chibi again. He appeared again with Rex in the Space Pirates' ship after all the dinosaurs were rescued. He and the other dinosaurs were again taken back to the future, with Rex, the Ancients, and the Alpha Gang, this time on the Space Pirate Ship.


  • Rex's arcade comments:
    • Original: 鬼のような角がすごくクールな恐竜なんだ。スピードのあるこうげきならエースにまかせて。
    • Translation: The horny horns make him a cool dinosaur. Leave the speed attack to him if you want.
  • In the English version, Ace is voiced by Eric Stuart, the same man who voices Dr. Z. This is quite obvious in episode 75; when Ace is scared by a dragonfly, he screams and it sounds exactly like Dr. Z.
  • He is the fastest main dinosaur, with Spiny coming in second.
  • Ace is afraid of water, only briefly overcoming this fear in All Fired Up! and Falls Alarm! because he needed to.
  • Ace is the only main dinosaur who was not defeated by a dinosaur of his own Element (although Majungasaurus nearly beat him with Mayfly in Desperately Seeking Spartacus).
    • He also never defeated a dinosaur of the Element weak to his, Grass: he was interrupted by Spiny while fighting Altirhinus, and he only threw Lanzhousaurus into a wall with Cyclone but did not defeat it.
    • Ace is the only main dinosaur who never uses a Normal or Assist Move Card.
    • He is also the only main dinosaur who didn't use his Ultimate Move against the first dinosaur he faced in his DinoTector Armor.
  • Despite the fact that he isn't as strong as Chomp, he managed to defeat some dinosaurs that beat Chomp (such as Alpha Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus, and Lexovisaurus), though he was also defeated by some dinosaurs that Chomp defeated (such as Megalosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus).
  • Ace is one of the few dinosaurs whose anime card doesn't match their picture in NagoyaTV.


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