The term Alpha Controller can apply to any device used by the Alpha Gang to control dinosaurs.

Alpha ControllerEdit

Alpha Controller

Dr. Z with Alpha Controller

The Alpha Controller is a device created by Dr. Z which allows the Alpha Gang to control any dinosaur, notably those with attributes that do not match the Stones in the Alpha Gang's possession. Dr. Z also used it to give Tank a more agressive personality. It creates an Alpha Ball that hovers and orbits around the dinosaur. Control is gained by placing the dinosaur's card in the slot an the front and switching the device on. The device itself slightly resembles a submarine (seen at right).

Super Alpha ControllerEdit

A bigger version, the Super Alpha Controller, turns regular dinosaurs into Alpha Dinosaurs, like Alpha Acrocanthosaurus. It resembles a crouching dinosaur with spikes on its back (seen below). It appeared in All Fired Up!, but soon blew up at the same time its generated Super Alpha Ball did.

Alpha BallEdit

Alpha Ball

Alpha Ball

The Alpha Ball is created by the Alpha Controller. It hovers and orbits around the controlled dinosaur, keeping it under the Alpha Gang's influence. Shortly after the controlled dinosaur is summoned, the Alpha Ball fades into invisibility, occasionally reappearing, presumably to reestablish influence. As late a episode 4, an Alpha Ball was seen hovering around Spiny when he was summoned, and one was seen briefly around Tank in episode 9. Alpha Balls were also used to control Utahraptor, then Styracosaurus, and later Altirhinus.

Unfortunately, the Alpha Balls are very delicate, as seen when Dr. Z tried to use one on Pachycephalosaurus and the dinosaur destroyed it by hitting it into a wall. Once destroyed, any control they had on the affected dinosaur goes away. It is unknown if the Alpha Balls controlling Utahraptor, Styracosaurus, and Altirhinus were destroyed.

Super Alpha BallEdit

A larger, more heavily built version of the Alpha Ball, featuring a yellow sail fin wrapping most of the way around it in place of a pair of yellow spikes, was used to control Alpha Acrocanthosaurus. However, being a 'Dr. Z invention', it malfunctioned, causing the dinosaur to go on an uncontrollable rampage, and later blew up when Ursula jumped into the water while holding the Alpha Scanner Acrocanthosaurs had been summoned with. This in turn caused the Super Alpha Controller back at Zeta Point to explode.

Alpha Control ChipEdit

Alpha Control Chip

Alpha Control "Chip"

There is another type of Alpha Controller, looking like a chip/patch version of the Alpha Gang's emblem. It is placed on the underside of the dinosaur being controlled. In the center is a light that glows and flashes different colors to indicate how effective the control it has over the dinosaur is. This version only appeared in Carnival of Chaos, and, because the dinosaurs they were controlling hadn't eaten in so long, the devices malfunctioned and the Alpha Gang lost all control over the dinosaurs. Chomp, Ace, and Paris then knocked off all of the devices, and the weak dinosaurs returned to their cards.

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