Alpha Gang Symbol

Alpha Gang's emblem

The Alpha Gang (アクト団 Mission Act) is a group from 2126 AD. Dr. Z, their leader, wants all the dinosaurs so he can build his own Dinosaur Kingdom and rule over it as the Dinosaur King (the same as the English title of the series). They are based at Zeta Point for all but the last few episodes of Series 1 of the anime.


The Alpha Gang are the main antagonists of the original series, however later rebuke their evil ways and become good. The members of the Alpha Gang are Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, Seth, Rod, Laura, and Helga. They use Alpha Droids, overly-obedient robots who are rather clumsy and only as smart as the person controlling them (who, typically, isn't that smart).

They own Terry (Tirano) the Tyrannosaurus, Spiny (Spino) the Spinosaurus and Tank (Saika) the Saichania. The A-Team was able to claim 5 more dinosaurs, but lost them all, each within 1-3 episodes. Rod, Laura, and Seth later stepped in and successfully caught 3 dinosaurs and were able to keep them (Saurophaganax, Stegosaurus, and Ampelosaurus). In the battle against Black Tyrannosaurus, some other dinosaurs like Euoplocephalus and Daspletosaurus are used. Megalosaurus and Deinonychus are used by Rod and Laura after Jonathan gives them to Rex. All 4 (6, counting Deinonychus trio as 3) of the Secret Dinosaurs of Series 1 of the anime were created by Dr. Z, even though all but Therizinosaurus outright hate his guts.


Due to the Stones in their possession, they are also able to control any Fire, Water, and Earth Dinosaurs, but the Alpha Controller makes it possible for them to control any dinosaur after they run its card through the machine.


see Alpha Gang Vehicles

When being sent around the world to find and capture wild dinosaurs, the Alpha Gang uses a variety of homemade vehicles of varying designs, though sometimes they rely on public transport (when they can afford it).


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