General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Altirhinus

  • Name: Altirhinus kurzanovi
  • Name Meaning: High Nose
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 9-10 meters (30-33 feet)
  • Time Period: Early/Middle Cretaceous
  • Classification: Iguanodontia --> "Iguanodontidae" --> Hadrosauroidea
  • Found: Khukhtek Formation, Mongolia, Asia
  • Describer: Norman, 1998

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Love at first sight Zoe and Altirhinus

Altirhinus arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 1st Edition)


  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 1800
  • Technique: 500
  • Attack:
    • Paper (Critical): 760
    • Rock/Paper: 420
  • Types:
    • Crisis Type (Japanese 2007 Series, English & Taiwanese Series 2)
    • Tie Type (Japanese Gekizan 1st Edition)
  • Arcade Nickname/Catchcopy
    • Japanese: 鼻っ柱大将
    • English: The Aggressive Admiral
    • Taiwanese: 大鼻將軍
  • Card Rarity: Sliver
  • Altered Forms: Super Altirhinus, Dainason's chibi form


  • Japanese:
    • 2007 1st Edition (New; 026-竜; Crisis Type)
    • 2007 1st Edition+ (026-竜; Crisis Type)
    • 2007 2nd Edition (039-竜; Crisis Type)
    • 2007 3rd Edition (028-竜; Crisis Type)
    • Non-sale Grass' Egg (EGG-009-竜)
    • Gekizan 1st Edition (018-竜; Blitz Type)
    • Kakushin 1st Edition's Asian Egg (EGG-016-竜)
    • Kakushin 3rd Edition's Blue Egg (EGG-018-竜)
  • English:
    • Series 2 1st Edition (New; 026-Dino; Crisis Type)
    • Series 2 2nd Edition (039-Dino; Crisis Type)
    • Series 2 3rd Edition (028-Dino; Crisis Type)
  • Taiwanese:
    • Series 2 1st Edition (New; 026-龍; Crisis Type)
    • Series 2 2nd Edition (039-龍; Crisis Type)
    • Series 2 3rd Edition (028-龍; Crisis Type)
    • Non-sale Grass' Egg (EGG-009-龍)



Altirhinus anime card

Move CardsEdit

Super Impact
Summon Supersaurus, who throws you spinning into the air, then you spin down and grind into your opponent!




Altirhinus TCG Card

  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 1700
  • Level: 5
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKCG-057/160
  • Card Rarity: Gold Rare
  • Abilities:
When this Dinosaur wins a battle, Dino Slash a Dinosaur from your discard pile.

Excited AltirhinusEdit

Excited Altirhinus(1)

Excited Altirhinus TCG Card

  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 1800
  • Level: 5
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKAA-030/100, DKAA-099/100
  • Card Rarity: Silver Rare, Colossal Rare
  • Abilities:
[First Aid]
When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, you gain 1 Life Point.
When your opponent attacks, they can only attack a [Protector] Dinosaur.

Downtown AltirhinusEdit


Downtown Altirhinus TCG Card

  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 1800
  • Level: 5
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKTA-031/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Abilities:
[Vine Grapple]
When this Dinosaur wins a battle, put 1 card from the top of your opponents deck into their discard pile for each life the defeated Dinosaur had.


Altirhinus was activated in Field of Screams in Brazil. It crashed the Olé Cup Parade and began eating from a truck full of watermelons before it had to fight against Ace, but it ran away after Spiny entered the battle. He later fought with Chomp in the soccer stadium, and even played a game of dinosaur soccer with him (which had been set up by the Alpha Gang as part of their plan), but was defeated by Terry, using Neck Crusher, allowing Ursula to claim his card. Later, the Alpha Controller was used, so that the Alpha Gang could summon him.

In Tee'd Off, Ursula accidentally left Dewey his card when they stole the Super Impact card from the kid but forgot to take back their Alpha Scanner. Dewey then used Altirhinus to scare the other golf competitors so Samantha could win the tournament, and when the Alpha Gang cornered him, he tossed the Alpha Scanner to hit Altirhinus in the head before it bounced back to them, making the dinosaur think that they'd thrown it. It chased after them until Ed summoned Spiny, but then Chomp was summoned to help Altirhinus. Ursula used the Super Impact card, summoning Supersaurus to wound Chomp. The nex attack was also against him Chomp, but instead, Supersaurus slung Altirhinus into Spiny, turning Spiny back into his card. Then Paris was summoned to use Big Foot Assault and call out Seismosaurus. Altirhinus used Super Impact again, but was knocked away by Seismosaurus' tail and hit the Alpha Gang's drilling vehicle, destroying it and defeating him. His card, along with Super Impact, was reclaimed by Dewey and given to the D-Team.

Another Altirhinus appeared in Carnival of Chaos in the Alpha Gang's amusement park. However, because he hadn't eaten for so many days, he went berserk, but was was returned to a card after Chomp knocked off his Control Device. His card was retrieved by an Alpha Droid.



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