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General StatisticsEdit

Ampelosaurus (full view)

full-sized Ampelosaurus

  • Name: Ampelosaurus atacis
  • Name Meaning: Vine Lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 15-16 meters (50-53 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Classification: Titanosauria --> Lithostrotia --> Nemegtosauridae(?)
  • Place Found: Europe
  • Describer: Le Loeuff, 1995

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Ampelosaurus card

Ampelosaurus card

Move CardsEdit

Aqua Vortex
Create a vortex that cancels your opponent's attack. It can also deal damage.

TCG LoresEdit

When this Dinosaur wins a battle, draw 2 cards.
Spring of Hope: 2 (Fearless Ampelosaurus)
When this Dinosaur loses a battle, draw 2 cards.


Dinosaur KingEdit

Before the main events of the series, it was one of the very first dinosaurs summoned and used to battle by Dr. Z, others being TerryAcrocanthosaurus, and Spiny.

Its card was, along with his Move Card, activated during a snowball fight in Russia when its Card Capsule was accidentally thrown into an ice fisherman's hole on a frozen lake. It slept in a train car on the Trans-Siberian Railway that the D-Team was trapped in, lulled to sleep through Paris' singing. After the train was stopped and it woke up, Chomp, Ace, and Paris were summoned to fight him, but they were interrupted by Terry. He used Volcano Burst against Ampelosaurus, but it used its tail to slam into him, deflecting the attack. It then used Aqua Vortex to defeat Terry, but Chomp weakened it with Electric Charge. Seth defeated Ampelosaurus with Tank, using Dino Swing after it fought with the D-Team. Its cards were claimed by Seth.

Later, Rod summoned it to help aid Tank in a fight with Saurophaganax, using Aqua Vortex, but Saurophaganax defeated them with Fire Scorcher.

Later, Zoe gave its card to Rod, who summoned Ampelosaurus to help battle the Black Tyrannosaurus, using Aqua Vortex as part of a Fusion Move that defeated him.

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Another one also appears in Alien Parent Trap as the D-Team travels into the Cretaceous Period, to help Chomp defeat Terry.

The Space Pirates are shown to have one on their ship in the Ancient Persia Story Arc.


  • In the DS Game, the spines on its back are shown as white, but everywhere else they are yellow.
  • Ampelosaurus is seen in both the Jurassic Period (Tricks of the Traitor) and in the Cretaceous Period (Alien Parent Trap) even though it only truly lived in the Cretaceous, though it being in the Jurassic may have been a result of Dr. Z and the Ancients bringing it there.
  • It was the only Water Dinosaur in Season 1 whose card was activated with a Move Card (Spiny's cards were recreated by Dr. Z).


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