Armatus is an altered Stegosaurus created by Seth and given to Foolscap. He is only used in his Spectral Armor form, as it was programmed into his card.


Armatus card

Armatus card

  • Species: Stegosaurus
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Power: 1600
    • TCG: 1700
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Foolscap (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Episode: All for One
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Tank, Spiny, Ace
  • Other Info: He was altered by Seth and is Foolscap's main dinosaur. He was the only one of the Space Pirate's altered dinosaurs not to use his Spectral Move during the episode he first battled in (Brontikens first appeared at the cliffhanger ending of one episode, but didn't battle until the next one). He is the last new Earth Dinosaur during the series.

Move CardsEdit

Spectral Stinger (Jark Stinger)
Spikes form on the armor on Armatus's sides, and are shot out at the opponent. This Move defeated Tank, Spiny and Ace. It can only be used in his Spectral Armor form. It is very similar to the Earth Move Spike Arrows.

TCG LoresEdit

Spectral Slash
When the Turn Counter shows 6 or more, you can Dino Slash "Spectral Armor Armatus" by placing it on top of this Dinosaur.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

He first appeared in All For One, assisting Ankylosaurus against Ace. Even when Chomp and Paris joined the battle, he and Ankylosaurus were too strong. When Chomp, Ace and Paris combined their Ultimate Moves, Richelieu told Foolscap the location of the Green Cosmos Stone and recalled them both before the attack could hit them. Armatus attacked the D-Team and Alpha Gang in the next episode, but Jonathan rescued them.

In The Forestfire Effect he battled against Chomp, using his move Spectral Stinger for the first time, but was recalled after the volcano erupted because of Brontikens. He was frozen by Cryolophosaurus' Blizzard Smash in The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone after Seth had stolen the Cosmos Stones.

In Clash for the Cosmos Stones he reappeared again, using Spectral Stinger to defeat Tank, Spiny, and Ace, and was supercharged by the Dark Pterosaur. In the finale episode, he defeated Spiny again with Spectral Stinger, but was defeated by the combined power of Chomp's Lightning Strike, Ace's Sonic Blast and Paris's Emerald Garden. What happened to his card after that is unclear.


  • Like the other Spectral Dinosaurs, Armatus's name likely came from the first named species of Stegosaurus: S. armatus.
  • In his first episode or two, Armatus's roar is the same as Tuojiangosaurus's, but in later episodes, it is changed to a more generic roar used by dinosaurs like Lexovisaurus, Edmontonia, and Fukuisaurus (at least in the dub).
  • Armatus is the only main dinosaur of the Space Pirate Trio's that doesn't have a "good counterpart," considering Chomp as Maximus' and Terry as Gigas'.
  • Armatus is the only main dinosaur of the Space Pirates that wasn't defeated by an Ultimate Move of the D-Team or the Alpha Gang.



Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Armatus Jark Armer01:36

Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Armatus Jark Armer

Armatus Video

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