Attack Burst (or Attack Boost) is a Normal Move Card. Both the arcade and TCG include moves with both names, and while in the arcade they are almost interchangeable, in the TCG, they have very different effects.


Attack Boost Card

Attack Boost card

  • Attribute: Normal
    • TCG: Normal/Lightning
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Gavro (Space Pirates)
  • Used By: Achelousaurus
  • First Appearance: Monk in the Middle
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: Surge yourself full of energy, create a sandstorm to blind your opponent, knock them into the air, blast them with elemental energy, then jump up, hit them, and smash them into the ground! In the arcade game, this move only gives the dinosaur an increase in attack strength.
  • Other: Gavro used it for his Achelousaurus against Chomp, nearly defeating him.

TCG LoresEdit

Attack Boost (Normal)
+400; If it's your turn, the Dinosaur that uses this Move gains +700 Power instead of +400.
Attack Burst (Lightning)
+600; If a Spectral Armor Dinosaur uses this Move and you win this battle, your opponent can't attack or Dino Slash any Dinosaurs for the rest of the turn.
If a Spectral Armor Dinosaur uses this Move and you lose this battle, you can return that Spectral Armor Dinosaur to your hand.


  • In the arcade game, "Attack Boost" and "Attack Burst" are different cards, but the only difference is that Attack Burst is a stronger version that only activates after you win against your opponent's critical move.
  • In the arcade game, Attack Boosts can be recognized as an orange aura surrounding the dinosaur using it.
  • The only true way to tell them apart is by looking at their Japanese names: the last character of "Attack Boost" looks like a curved "7" with a degree sign (°) attached to the top right corner; the third to last character of "Attack Burst" is a long dash (—).
  • While the TCG has "Attack Boost" as a Normal Move like in the arcade and anime, it also includes "Attack Burst" as a Lightning Move, likely due to the fact that when Achelousaurus used it, its effect stressed heavily on the dinosaur's natural Lightning Attribute.
  • Artwork from various arcade versions of both cards is seen on the TCG Move Cards Final Fury (DKCG), Supernova, Surge of Strength, and Shadow Power.
  • This Move can only be used twice for a Dinosaur. This mechanic is similar to Leaellyn Cure, Defense Boost, Technique Boost, and Elemental Power.


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