There are six normal attributes and two special attributes in Dinosaur King. They are as follows:

Normal AttributesEdit


The 6 normal attributes

Fire Dinosaurs
Water Dinosaurs
  • Water Dinosaurs are stronger than Fire (Water puts out Fire), but weaker than Lightning (Water conducts electricity, like Lightning). Their Move Cards involve attacks with water. This element consists of all types of sauropods (cetiosaurids, diplodocoids, and titanosaurians) (once thought to be aquatic) and the spinosaurid theropods (scientifically proven to be partially aquatic), but some of the move cards include icthyosaurs and a plesiosaur (both marine reptiles).
Lightning Dinosaurs
  • Lightning Dinosaurs are stronger than Water (Water conducts electricity, like Lightning), but weak against Earth Dinosaurs (Earth blocks Lightning). Their Move Cards involve attacks with electricity. This element consists of the ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs), mostly the ceratopsids. Their electrical weapons usually resemble human tools, such as anchors and spears.
Earth Dinosaurs
  • Earth Dinosaurs are best against Lightning Dinosaurs (Earth blocks Lightning), but are weak against Grass Dinosaurs (Grass grows on Earth). Their Move Cards often involve attacking with rocks or glowing purple crystals. This element consists of the thyreophorans (armored dinosaurs) like the stegosaurians and ankylosaurians (nodosaurids, polacanths, and ankylosaurids).
Grass Dinosaurs
  • Grass Dinosaurs are stronger than Earth (Grass grows on Earth), but weaker than Wind (Wind blows Grass off the ground). Their Move Cards involve either attacks with plant life or using other dinosaurs to boost their own power or attack for them. This element consists of hadrosaurids (duck-billed dinosaurs), earlier iguanodontids, and their other ornithopod relatives, but many of their Move Cards summon a diverse variety of dinosaurs, like giant sauropods, even including pterosaurs and a plesiosaur (which aren't dinosaurs).
Wind Dinosaurs
  • Wind Dinosaurs are best against Grass Dinosaurs (Wind blows Grass off the ground), but weak against Fire Dinosaurs (Wind spreads Fire). Their Move Cards involve attacks with wind and/or emphasize attacking quickly and repeatedly without letting the opponent recuperate from the previous attack before the next one hits. This element consists of small- to medium-sized theropods of almost all families, including many that also have Fire Dinosaur members (ceratosaurids, megalosaurids, coelophysoids, dilophosaurids, abelisaurids, allosaurids, metriacanthosaurids, neovenatorids, ornithomimids, troodontids, dromaeosaurids)

Special AttributesEdit

Secret Dinosaurs
  • Secret Dinosaurs are very powerful and are capable of defeating all six normal-attributed dinosaurs. In the anime, they glow with a rainbow aura. They all (except Eoraptor) each have 3 of their own unique attacks, and all of these attacks (except Pawpawsaurus') involve a glowing rainbow aura in some way. There are very few Secret Dinosaurs, and members can come from any dinosaur family, though most are theropods. Some Secret Dinosaurs wouldn't fit comfortably in any of the six main elements using their present definitions, though for others, their otherwise "native element" is more obvious.
Normal Dinosaurs
  • These "special dinosaurs" only appear in certain Normal Move Cards. They either assist your dinosaur in battle or battle for them. They can be from any dinosaur or pterosaur family. A yellow exclamation mark on a purple square is used as their element symbol in the Kyoryu-King Museum, although the same symbol is used to identify any Normal Move in many arcade card generations, even those that don't involve these dinosaurs. Velociraptor in the anime notably lacked an element, so it may be the only Normal Element non-Move Card Dinosaur.

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