Spectral Armor Baryonyx is an armored version of Baryonyx used by the Space Pirates when under their control.


Baryonyx (Spectral Armor) 1

Spectral Armor Baryonyx

TCG LoresEdit

Spectral Armor
You can only Dino Slash this Dinosaur by placing it on top of a Baryonyx.
When this Dinosaur wins a battle, draw 1 card.


It was used by Gavro to battle the D-Team and attacked while Gavro attempted to get the Half-Moon Stone (White Cosmos Stone). After Gavro failed to get it, Baryonyx was defeated by Chomp's Thunder Driver and its Spectral Armor was destroyed. It could be activated by putting a black and white version of its card on Gavro's Dino Holder.


  • As Baryonyx is the only spinosaurid to wear Spectral Armor, it has a unique suit.
  • Because its armored form is barely seen, its TCG card artwork is one of only 3 Spectral Armor Dinosaurs that isn't an anime scene.


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