Note: Although long considered to be a species of Apatosaurus, a 2015 study concluded that the species Brontosaurus excelsus was distinct enough to be reassigned to its own genus, taking two other former Apatosaurus species with it.

Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus is a dinosaur belonging to Spectre, and is usually seen in his chibi form sitting on Spectre's lap, or in his armored form. Spectre has given him the nickname "Brontikens".

General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Brontosaurus

  • Name: Brontosaurus excelsus
  • Name Meaning: Thunder Lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 22 meters (72 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Jurassic
  • Classification: Diplodocoidea --> Diplodocidae --> Apatosaurinae
  • Place Found: USA
  • Describer: Marsh, 1877

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Apatosaurus card

Brontosaurus card

Move CardsEdit

Megawatt Stomp
Increase power using a jolt of light energy and charge towards your opponent, then jump upwards and smash them into the ground! This has only been seen in the arcade game.
Electro Launcher
Using light energy, create a powerful sword of light and thrust it into your opponent and unleash a pulse that throws them back! This has only been seen in the arcade game.
Arc Discharge
Stomp the ground using your feet and create surging energy waves through the ground to electrify your opponent! This has only been seen in the arcade game.


  • Brontikens was the only Secret Dinosaur in the anime not to use any of its Secret Moves; he did use Spectral Destroy, but that was a built-in ability of his Spectral Armor.
  • Its Secret Moves are all based around electricity, likely referencing its name, "thunder lizard", although the name was in reference to how its weight would shake the ground like thunder when it walked.
  • Apatosaurus's regular arcade form is a Secret Dinosaur, while it's Spectral Armor form is a Water Dinosaur. In the anime, the only form to appear is the Spectral Armor form, and it's a Secret Dinosaur.
  • In the arcade game, Brontosaurus is referred to as 'Apatosaurus', although the anime continues to call it 'Brontosaurus' (but not the English dub).
  • His card can be briefly seen after being defeated.
  • In the anime, Brontikens (as a chibi), was quickly shown to stand perfectly on his back legs. This is quite accurate since the fossil record shows Apatosaurus tracks of juveniles walking on their hind legs.
  • It is the only Spectral Pirate main dinosaur not to defeat a dinosaur, but as Rex said, he was one of the strongest dinosaurs in the series.



Dinosaur King Arcade Scene Brontosaurus00:56

Dinosaur King Arcade Scene Brontosaurus

Video by NoonFF

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