Spectral Armor Brontosaurus is an armored version of Brontikens, with armor created by Seth and programmed into Brontikens's card.


Brontosaurus armor card

Spectral Armor Apatosaurus

  • Attribute: Water (arcade) / Secret (anime)
  • Power: 2000
  • Technique: 800
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Spectre (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: None
  • Name: Bronto (original Japanese), Brontikens (English dub)
  • Other: It can use Spectral Destroy in this form. In the anime, it is a Secret Dinosaur, not a Water Dinosaur (and surprisingly, its card isn't purple like all other dinosaurs with Spectral Armor, but colored with the gray/yellow gradient of a regular Secret Dinosaur).

Move CardsEdit

Spectral Destroy (Jark Destroyer)
Two "arms" extend from the armor on Bronto's sides and form a near circular arc over his back. Energy is charged up in six colored balls embedded in the "arms", then it is transfered to a large armor spike on Bronto's neck, and then unleashed in a massive beam that destroys his opponent!


Spectre first summoned him in The Forest Fire Effect in the Stone Age to fight against the D-Team's dinosaurs when he was looking for the Black Cosmos Stone. After the Space Pirates discovered the stone in a volcano, Brontikens used Spectral Destroy on the volcano. However, it errupted and Spectre was forced to call him back. In Clash for the Cosmos Stones, he became super-charged by the Dark Pterosaur. In the finale, he used Spectral Destroy against the D-Team on the Backlander, but the attack was blocked by the Pterosaur. He was defeated when Chomp, Ace, and Paris combined their Ultimate Moves, and his card flew down past the camera, but what happened to it after this is unclear.


  • Embedded in its Spectral Armor are eight small, colored balls, whose colors correspond to the 7 Cosmos Stones (there are two black ones right next to each other at the base of a large armor spike on its neck). The other six are arranged in a circular pattern on the two armor "arms" on its sides, and their colors match the order of the six elements defeating each other (yellow for Lightning, then blue for Water, then red for Fire, then white/light blue for Wind, then green for Grass, then purple for Earth, then back to yellow for Lightning, again).
  • This is the only main anime dinosaur to not defeat any other dinosaur.



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