Dinosaur King is a video game for the Nintendo DS that is based on the Dinosaur King anime and was released in November 2007 for Japan and September 2008 for America and Europe. It features a very different storyline, battle mechanics very similar to the arcade game, and other overall mechanics reminiscent of the Pokémon games, such as a chibi sprite overworld interspersed by 1v1 battles triggered by both boss confrontation and random encounter.


One day, Max and Rex find stones that allow them to summon dinosaurs. They create Dino Shots to make summoning job simpler and enables them to show their feelings to the Dinosaurs. However, an evil group called the Alpha Gang steal a Dino Shot (which may have been Zoe's) where they plan to rule a dinosaur empire. Now, the D-Team must stop them.


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Reese creates a DinoShot, which will allow them to restore the dinosaurs to life, when the Alpha Gang attacks them and steals one of the DinoShots, using it to summon Tyrannosaurus. Max or Rex use another DinoShot to summon Triceratops or Carnotaurus, respectively, and defeat Dr. Z and Tyrannosaurus, but he escapes, the Tyrannosaurus pleading for them to stop it. He then sends his minions to retrieve the Stone Fragments from across the world. Max and Rex, with the help of locals and the D-Lab's people, eventually take down the Alpha Gang and destroy their plans of world domination.

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The DS game's dinosaur battle animations are basically copied from the arcade game, but with minor changes in camera angles, and the occasional "reskin" of a Move to make stronger or element-themed variants.