These are dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and assorted marine reptiles who appear in Normal, Grass, and Water Move Cards (with pterosaurs appearing in Grass and Normal, and marine reptiles, naturally, appearing in Water) though some Normal Move Dinosaurs are also Secret Dinosaurs, and select Move Card Dinosaurs from all three elements have been made into regular dinosaurs of the element they would naturally belong to by the TCG, and a few also by the arcade game.


p · e · t Move Card Dinosaurs
Normal: Anhanguera · Archaeopteryx · Cryolophosaurus · Dromiceiomimus · Gallimimus · Leaellynasaura · Pawpawsaurus · Piatnitzkysaurus · Quetzalcoatlus · Segnosaurus · Stegoceras · Struthiomimus · Tapejara · Troodon · Tupuxuara · Velociraptor
Grass: Minmi · Muraenosaurus · Oviraptor · Pteranodon · Seismosaurus · Supersaurus · Tupuxuara
Water: Futabasaurus · Ophthalmosaurus

Normal Move CardsEdit

Water Move CardsEdit

Grass Move CardsEdit

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