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TCG stands for "Trading Card Game". It was created by 4Kids Entertainment in conjunction with Upperdeck; as of such, there is no Japanese Trading Card Game (partially because Japan's TCG is pretty much their arcade games).

The TCG changed many elements and made Move Card dinosaurs into regular dinosaurs: for example, Minmi, a Grass Move Card dinosaur in the arcade series became an Earth dinosaur in the TCG. Velociraptor, a Normal Move Card dinosaur, became a Wind dinosaur.


The rules have been taken directly off the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game site.

What You NeedEdit

  • You require a deck of 40 or more Dinosaur, Normal Moves, and Super Moves
  • You need a Character Card
  • A Game Mat
  • Something to serve as your life points

How to WinEdit

"Defeat your opponent's Dinosaurs to reduce their Life Points. When your opponent's Life Points are down to 0, you win! If both players' Life Points go down to 0 at the same time, the game is a draw.

You can also lose the game if you run out of cards in your deck." - from the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game site

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