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Wind Dinosaurs consist of small to medium-sized theropod dinosaurs from many different families (including Abelisauridae, Dromaeosauridae, Megalosauridae, Allosauridae, and Metriacanthosauridae). They are resistant to Grass Moves but are weak against Fire Moves, and their Move Cards are strongest against Grass Dinosaurs and weakest against Fire Dinosaurs. In the anime, Wind Dinosaur cards can be activated by any gust of wind or moving air from any source.

Their Move Cards often involve either tornados or repeated, rapid hits against the opponent. Their TCG Lores have numerous and varied abilities, often involving making extra attacks, direct attacks, and sending your opponent's Dinosaur straight to their hand without battling them.


Dinosaur King Arcade Game - Combat With Wind Dinosaurs!04:21

Dinosaur King Arcade Game - Combat With Wind Dinosaurs!

Wind Dinosaurs


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