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|Box title = General Statistics
|Image = (Character Card)
|Row 1 title = Name
|Row 1 info = (Character Name)
|Row 2 title = VA
|Row 2 info = (Character's Voice Actor)
|Row 3 title = Age
|Row 3 info = (Character Age)
|Row 4 title = Hair/Eye Color
|Row 4 info = (Character Hair/Eye Color)
|Row 5 title = Dinosaur
|Row 5 info = (Character Dinosaur)
|Row 6 title = Move Cards
|Row 6 info = (Character Move Cards)
|Row 7 title = Attribute
|Row 7 info = (Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Grass, Wind, Secret)
|Row 8 title = Affiliation
|Row 8 info = (D-Team, Alpha Gang, Spectral Space Pirates, Shadow Empire)

==Character Design==
(Clothes, appearances)


==Anime (If they are in the anime)==

==DS Game (If they are in the game)==

==Dinosaur (If They Have One)==

<references />

{{Main Characters}}

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