For the armored version of Triceratops, see Triceratops/Armor.


Arcade StatsEdit

Triceratops armor card

DinoTector Chomp arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 3rd Edition)


Like all armored dinosaurs, he was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime StatsEdit

Chomp (DinoTector Armor) 2

DinoTector Chomp summoning screen

Main article: Chomp
  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team)
  • Debut: There's No Place Like Rome
  • Other: Chomp can only use Ultimate Thunder in this form. In the anime, Chomp used many of his Moves in this form (visit his page to see them).

Move CardsEdit

Ultimate Thunder
Chomp charges up with lightning, stuns his opponent in place with a lightning bolt, then his tail armor propels him forward like a jet, ramming into them with a ball of electricity before tossing them away!

TCG StatsEdit

Chomp armor TCG card

Chomp (Dinotector) TCG card (DKDS)

  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Sign: Rock
  • Power: 2000, 1900 (PP1)
  • Level: -
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKS2-033/035, DKDS-084/100, DKDS-097/100, DKTA-084/100, SAS-078/100, PP1-003/006, DKJC-0??/100
  • Card Rarity: Silver Rare (DKS2), Gold Rare (DKDS-SAS), Colossal Rare (DKDS), Colossal Exclusive (PP1), Thai Common (DKJC)
  • Other: It can only be summoned by being placed on top of a Chomp with the ability [Dinotector On]. His card from the Jurassic Clash booster set is unreadable, so its abilities are unknown.
  • Abilities:
Lightning Master (all)
This Dinosaur can use all Lightning Super Moves.
Ultimate Power (DKDS)
If this Dinosaur uses an Ultimate Super Move, it gains a extra +500 Power for that battle. (An Ultimate Super Move is any Super Move with "Ultimate" in its name.)
Bolt of Justice (DKTA)
When this Dinosaur battles a level 6 or higher Spectral Armor Dinosaur, this Dinosaur gains +500 Power during that battle.
D-Team Unification (SAS)
At the end of your turn, if you have "Paris (Battle Mode)" or "Ace (Battle Mode)" in play, you can choose a "Paris" or "Ace" in your deck and put it in your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
Lightning Shield (PP1)
When this Dinosaur is attacked, you can reveal your hand. If all the cards revealed are Lightning cards, this Dinosaur has 2200 Power during that battle.



TheSellerofJapaneseC - DinoTector Arcade

TheSellerofJapaneseC - DinoTector Arcade

DinoTector video (c) TheSellerofJapaneseC

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