Cyclone is a Wind Move Card.


Arcade StatsEdit


Cyclone arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 3rd Edition)

  • Attribute: Wind
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Usage Condition: It triggers occasionally after a win with any Sign.
  • Effect: Using the power of wind, you can attack through a tie! It only stays active for the round after it triggers.


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Anime StatsEdit

Cyclone card

Cyclone anime card


  • Twice in the anime, Ace used this move to suck up water and turn his attack into a "Hurricane" (in All Fired Up! and in Falls Alarm!).
  • When Cyclone is combined with Thunder Bazooka, it forms the Fusion Move Thunder Storm Bazooka.
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Cards Wind Power, Super Cyclone, and Turbo Tackle, an altered version is seen on Lightning Twister, and an anime scene featuring it is seen on Mega Whirlwind.
  • In the arcade game, this Move is also used as a "Partner effect" in 2v2 matches. When a Wind Dinosaur is on the sidelines, a win by the fighting dinosaur will occasionally trigger Cyclone from the sideline dinosaur (even if not equipped), who will transfer the effect to the fighting dinosaur.
  • In the anime, this Move is used mostly as an attack enhancement instead of a situational ability due to the absence of the Rock-Paper-Scissors format as found in the arcade.


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