D'Artangnan was a young boy who lived in an old orphanage that was wrecked during the fight between Chomp and Sheer's Rajasaurus. With his fellow orphans Aramis, Athos, and Porthos, they form the Teen Musketeers and join up with the D-Team and Lady Constance to catch up to Princess Anne.

He is initially a hothead who gets angry at Max for his involvement in the orphanage's destruction, ignores his fellow Musketeers, and tries to do everything on his own, but when the others come to his rescue when facing Richelieu, he realizes the true strength of a team and becomes a brave and effective leader.

He and the Musketeers accompany the D-Team throughout the Renaissance Paris Arc as they search for the "Blue Eye of Gaia" and try to beat Chancellor Richelieu to it, being given Musketeer uniforms by Duke Dumas after visiting him. After King Louis starts using his power and gives the Blue Eye to the D-Team, the Musketeers become his bodyguards.

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