The D-Lab is a dinosaur researching labratory owned by Dr. Spike Taylor and Reese Drake, topped with near future technology that allows the D-Team to teleport and contact people from far-away places. They can also track down dinosaurs with a computer that is mostly programming the entire lab.



The D-Lab

The D-lab is based on mostly everything that is prehistoric in general, the outside of the D-lab is also everything prehistoric related, outside of the building there is a plesiosaurid statue, in the middle is a small garden covered in beautiful flowers, the D-Lab itself is based on a Ceratopsian dinosaur. Inside the building there's paintings of dinosaurs, lots of fossils, including three giant fossils of a Tyrannosaurus, Placerias, and a Tupuxuara. In the D-lab, there is a teleporter that can travel the D-Team around the world to save other dinosaurs.


The D-Lab is the D-Team's headquarters, where they teleported to other countries in the first series. Reese also keeps the captured dinosaur cards, and also made and modifies the Dino Holders there. This building may be Reese's private building, as she tells Zoe in the second episode, "Zoe, didn't I tell you not to come in without asking?"

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