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General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Daspletosaurus

  • Name: Daspletosaurus torosus
  • Name Meaning: Frightful Lizard
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 8-9 meters (26-30 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Classification: Tyrannosauridae --> Tyrannosaurinae
  • Place Found: USA, Canada
  • Discoverer: Sternberg, 1921

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Daspletosaurus card

Daspletosaurus card

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Power: 1800
    • TCG: 1900
  • Technique: 500
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team), Dr. Z (Alpha Gang)
  • Name: Daigo [Kanji: ダイゴ] (Dainason)
  • Debut: Dance Evolution
  • Other Info: Daspletosaurus loves to dance to music, and hates it when he is forced to stop. Its Fire Bomb is very powerful, but never uses it successfully since Tank used Earth Barrier to protect herself and is knocked away in its fight against Black Tyrannosaurus. The D-Team's parents set one loose along with other dinosaurs to distract the Gel Jarks to escape in Desert Heat. In the Mesozoic Meltdown finale, it was seen dancing next to some other dinosaurs after being rescued from the Space Pirates' ship by Dr. Z. An upgraded form of Daspletosaurus can be found at Super Daspletosaurus.

Move CardsEdit

Fire Bomb
Daspletosaurus jumps in the air, flies at his opponent, and releases a fiery blast upon biting them! It never used this Move successfully (Tank blocked it with Earth Barrier and Black Tyrannosaurus was too strong to be affected by it).

TCG LoresEdit

Frenzy (Wild Daspletosaurus)
At the end of your turn, you lose 1 Life Point.
Spirited Bite (Fiery Daspletosaurus)
During your turn, you can discard 1 card. If you do, this Dinosaur gains [Bite] until the end of the turn (if this Dinosaur wins a battle during your turn, your opponent loses 1 extra Life Point). You can only use this ability once per turn.


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