Spectral Armor Deinonychus is an armored version of Deinonychus used by Sheer under her control when she was working for Takeda.


Deinonychus (Spectral Armor) 4

Spectral Armor Deinonychus (pack leader)


The Deinonychus were summoned into this form by Sheer to attack the D-Team when she had amnesia, fighting Chomp, Ace, and Hanzo. When the dinosaurs left, the Deinonychus helped the ninjas fight Hanzo. the leader knocked the White Cosmos Stone away from Hanzo, but Ace then rejoined and beat them with Ninja Attack, knocking the leader into Sheer before it returned to its card, curing her amnesia.


  • The lead Deinonychus's armor resembles a Wind Dinosaur's save for the tail armor, a six-spiked plate roughly borrowed from a Grass Dinosaur's armor. The sidekicks have only three pieces of armor, a forehead plate and a pair of single-spiked plates on their backs over their shoulders and hips, making them the least-armored of any armor-wearing dinosaur.
  • This is one of only five Spectral Armor Dinosaurs in the anime to not appear in the TCG, so many of its stats are unknown.


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