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Dino Holders are the devices used to summon dinosaurs and activate move cards. Although only the D-Team calls their devices Dino Holders, it is the generic name for those devices. Both the D-Team and Alpha Gang's dino holders are able to detect whenever a dinosaur has appeared.


  • Name: Dino Holder, Dino Bracer (dub only)
  • Info: It was created by Reese to allow the D-Team to summon their dinosaurs. She has upgraded them twice, once in episode 16 and once in episode 27. A second one was created by Rex's parents (Dino Bracer in the dub), and this was compatible for use of Element Boosters. Max's Dino Holder breaks twice, (as well as being the only Dinoholder to break thoughout the whole series) but is fixed both times.

Alpha GangEdit

  • Name: Alpha Scanner
  • Info: It is very similar to the D-Team's Dino Holder, except that it can be held by both hands, and has two antenna on top to detect signals. The Alpha Scanner has the Alpha Gang's symbol on the back. It was only modified once, to be able to fit and recognize the Element Boosters.

Spectral Space PiratesEdit

  • Name: Unknown
  • Info: They are in the shape of their symbol. They are worn as accessories, attached to their clothing. Gavro's is on his chest, Foolscap's is on his headband/bandanna, Sheer's is attached to her choker, and Spectre's is on his shoulder plate. Seth has his own Dino Holder, a black version of the D-Team's original holder.


  • Name: Dino Holder
  • Info: Seth created a copy of the D-Team's Dino Holder that holds a fake stone inside it. However, unlike the normal Dino Holders, it has over 20 times the power. In Mesozoic Meltdown, it is unknown what is powering Seth's holder. It is black in color.

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