Copy this code format if you forget by pressing "Edit Page", then copy the format between the lines This is for all Dinosaur Pages. Also, the new Anime format can be seen at Dino Page Format/Anime.

This is not an actual dinosaur page. This is only a guideline to help organize the dinosaur pages.

General StatisticsEdit

  • Name: (Give us the species name and genus name)
  • Name Meaning: (The meaning of the dinosaur name, not including the genus. The etymology is placed next to it, in parenthesis and abbreviated as etym.)
  • Diet: (Herbivore, Carnivore, Piscivore, Omnivore)
  • Length: (The length)
  • Time Period: (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous)
  • Classification: (The most descriptive classification of the dinosaur)
  • Place Found: (Make it as accurate as possible)
  • Describer: (The person who created the dinosaur's official name)

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

  • Attribute: (Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Grass, Wind, Secret or Normal. Trading Card Game statistics ARE NOT considered canonical to the Japanese statistics)
  • Power: (The power or Attack of the dinosaur. These do not include TCG powers.)
  • Technique: (The technique of the dinosaur, which is oftentimes the smaller number. This can NOT be used with TCG only dinosaurs)
  • Sign: (Rock, Paper or Scissors)
  • Other: (Any other info)

Move CardsEdit

Name of Move Card
How it was gotten, when it was used, what it does.

TCG LoresEdit

Name of Lore (TCG only)
The lore (replace "this dinosaur" with the dinosaur's name, if applicable)


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