Pages Edit

All pages follow a conformity guideline for easy reading. What this means is that all pages of one type (Characters, Dinosaurs, Episodes, etc.) look the same as another of the same type.

Fan based opinions are strictly against rules. Thus, saying that you hate or love a certain character or dinosaur will most definitely be removed. Also, if you say something that you think will be funny, it won't, and it will be promptly deleted.

Images Edit

All images must be Dinosaur King related. Also, they must have a Fair Use tag:

This file is copyrighted. It will be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.

because these images do not belong to the uploader.

The only special case is with User:JP:OGFreak, because his non-canonical chibis have been approved on this Wiki because he has agreed to the watermark rule. Also, a recent poll shows that the majority of viewers wish to keep his images on the Wikia after a user spoke up against its placement.

Watermark Rule Edit

All self-created images must have a watermark placed on it to prevent art theft. For example: . Self-created images that do not have the watermark will be removed. Also, copyrighted images made by specific artists, such as Bob Rivard, must also be watermarked with THEIR name on it.

A Watermark Site

Fan Art and Videos Edit

All fan art displayed may NOT be used without the original artist's permission. All approved fan art must have a {{permission}} licensing or a {{self}} if you are an approved exception. All Dinosaur King cards were from Kyoryu-King Cards or from the Taiwanese Cards, and the full-sized dinosaurs were from kyoryu-king's Dino Museum and Special Dino Museum. No cards from the UK official Dinosaur King website may be used, as they are all copyright protected and DinoQueen13 will be obligated to ban or warn you.

The three templates that are used for all other pictures must be: {{Template:Fairuse}}, {{Template:Copyright-Sega}} or {{Template:From Wikimedia}}. Fairuse means that the image was one you took off of the Internet or from another resource, that you didn't make it yourself, and that it is copyrighted (everything on the Internet is copyrighted). From Wikimedia means that the image was taken off of Wikipedia or another Wikipedia-related site.

Videos are credited to uploaders on YouTube, and must have the video's creator in the title when it is posted here. All of TheSellerofJapanceseC's (TSOJC) videos are for promotional uses only.

Videos Edit

All videos must be used with the original uploader's permission or at least have the original uploader's username in the video title. Those that do not will be removed due to copyright violation.

Also, the original uploader's username must come before the video's name.

Trouble Edit

Warning Edit

A user only receives 1 warning before they are banned. Usually, the warning will be for these reasons: Vandalism, Spam, Copyright Violation or Unrelated Information.

Banning Edit

For banned users, see Ban List.

Bans will occur when a user or an IP user has breached the rules twice. Also, being rude to other members (in a huge rant, without reason or because one just feels like it) will result in a ban.

For example, this is a type of message that will get you banned: "You are allways deleting everything I do so stop. By the way you really need a favorite dinosaur. I have one and it is Carnotaurus. I don't know why I am saying this because you are probably going to delete this too. Well anyway from now on if you or anyone deletes anything I do on the Carnotaurus page I am just going to keep putting it back until you guys stop deleting it. I hate you."

Those who have been banned will be posted on this page: Ban List, along with the reasons. The first time a user is banned, they will be banned for 3 days, then a week if they continue their behaviour, and so forth.

Automatic Bans Edit

These bans are given once too many people have done this kind of problem.

Rex Edit

Anyone who labels Rex as an owner of any dinosaur other than Ceratosaurus and Ace will be banned. Many pages have already been vandalized, and the users who did so are currently banned.

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