A Mesozoic Mess is the 40th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


With Helga deactivated and missing, Zeta Point is a mess, forcing Ursula, Zander, and Ed to clean the place and take care of Dr. Z. Meanwhile, Aki Taylor is on a trip in Barcelona, Spain when Max learns that an Allosaurus has appeared in the city, heading to Spain to catch the dinosaur and save his mother.

The D-Team arrives just in time to find Aki cornered by Allosaurus in a butcher shop. Max rescues her, but finds it difficult to corner the speedy dinosaur in the twisting streets of the city. Rod and Laura try to lure it into an advantageous spot, but then Ursula, Zander and Ed accidentally foil their plans by summoning Spiny, thinking that Rod and Laura were in danger.

In an act of desperation, the D-Team wraps Ace in a red cloak with meat on the ends, and draw the Allosaurus into the Sagrada Familia, where they attempt to capture it matador style. Ace manages to defeat the Allosaurus' Mayfly with his Ninja Attack. The D-Team claims the Allosaurus.

Meanwhile, Aki and Spike are having a romantic moment at their house, as Aki had woken up with a love letter next to her. It is shown that Aki has a minute memory of Max calling out for her at Barcelona.


Chomp vs. AllosaurusEdit

Allosaurus runs towards a building and is going to destroy it. But before it can do, that Chomp bites his tail. However, Allosaurus counterattacks by spinning and throwing Chomp at the building, using Mayfly (Kagerou) to defeat Chomp.

Allosaurus wins

Spiny vs. AllosaurusEdit

Zander summons Spiny to "save" Rod and Laura (and foiling their plans as well).

Allosaurus gets attacked by Spiny. But then Allosaurus uses Mayfly, weakening Spiny, then hits Spiny and defeats him.

Allosaurus wins

Rex/Ace vs. AllosaurusEdit

Ace lures Allosaurus to a historic bullfight ring using ham. Then Ace keeps running from Allosaurus and makes him tired, making Ace hungry for the ham and distracting him. Then Allosaurus uses Mayfly while Ace uses Ninja Attack. Ace beats Allosaurus with Ninja Attack.

Rex/Ace win

New CardsEdit


40 A Mesozoic Mess21:21

40 A Mesozoic Mess

Dinosaur King episode 40

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