Lights, Camera, Destruction! is the 41st episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Pentaceratops chase

Pentaceratops chase scene

While Ursula, Zander and Ed were busy taking care of Dr. Z, Laura and Rod headed towards Hollywood to capture Pentaceratops. Meanwhile, the D-Team are there because Dr. Owen is collaborating with Steven Dinoberg on a new dinosaur movie. Oddly enough, Pentaceratops has fallen in love with one of the dinosaur props!

Rod sent out Terry to fight, but Pentaceratops defeated him. Rex and Max sent out Ace and Chomp. Together, they defeated Pentaceratops and the D-Team obtained the card.


Rod/Terry vs. PentaceratopsEdit

Rod unleashes Terry and has use Tail Smash on him. Terry almost defeats him by Volcano burst and Ace saves him using Cyclone. Prior to all the wind, the female animatronic collapses. The Pentaceratops gets angry and hits him very hard to knock him through the ceiling.(although its unknown if Terry is defeated) Pentaceratops wins

Rex/Ace & Max/Chomp vs. PentaceratopsEdit

Pentaceratops gets into a rage. To stop him, Max uses Lightning Strike in order to defeat Pentaceratops.

Ace and Chomp win

New CardsEdit


  • At the start of the episode, Rex pointed out that there was a car transforming into a robot, a Transformers reference. When Helga was revived, there were three robots behind her, one being Optimus Prime from Transformers.
  • Stanley Spinoberg is a polar opposite parody of famous director Steven Spielberg.
  • They recycled the CGI animation from the pilot between Chomp and Terry to make Pentaceratops and Terry battle the same way in this episode.
  • Johnny Zepp is a reference to Johnny Depp


41 Lights Camera Destruction21:14

41 Lights Camera Destruction

Dinosaur King episode 41

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