Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs is the 42nd episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Ursula, Zander and Ed lose all three of their Alpha Scanners and are forced to stay behind and do homework for Laura and Rod. Meanwhile, the D-Team find an Ampelosaurus but Laura and Rod arrive and they follow the D-Team. When a train stopped, Jonathan protected the D-Team from Terry and Spiny. Then, Seth arrives and summons Tank, who defeats the weakened Ampelosaurus.

Despite not getting the card, the D-Team stay in Siberia to enjoy the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).


Laura/Spiny and Rod/Terry vs. AmpelosaurusEdit

Laura summons Spiny to allow Terry to jump into the train. However, after doing so, Spiny is exhausted to the point where he turns back into a card, and Terry is literally thrown off the train.

Rod summons Terry , who attacks Ampelosaurus . Terry is about to use Volcano Burst when Ampelosaurus uses Aqua Vortex , which cancels out Volcano Burst and defeats Terry.

Ampelosaurus wins

D-Team vs. Ampelosaurus vs. Seth /TankEdit

Chomp uses Electric Charge on Ampelosaurus and Ampelosaurus weakened then Seth summons Tank and uses Dino Swing and defeats Ampelosaurus.

Seth/Tank win

New CardsEdit


  • This episode is one of the few times when a dinosaur is activated in its home continent, though not quite in the same close region.


42 Planes Trains and Dinosaurs21:18

42 Planes Trains and Dinosaurs

Dinosaur King episode 42

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