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Dinosaur King
DK episode 43
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English Vaccination Vacation
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Summary Edit

Chomp and Ace have come down with a cold and are afraid of getting a shot from Dr. Drake. The same thing happens to Terry, Spiny, and Tank at Zeta Point. Dr. Z sends Ursula, Zander, and Ed to obtain a dinosaur doctor so they won't have to put up with Helga's cure. Seth decides to help them out by testing a teleporter which brings the Drake household to Zeta Point. Unfortunately, Zoe, Reese, and Dr. Drake are in the house at the time.

The Alpha Gang uses the Alpha Droids to get to Dr. Drake to treat Terry, Spiny, and Tank. Dr. Spike Taylor gets a call from Zoe's mom about what happened to the house. While Dr. Drake treats the dinosaurs (though only Tank and Spiny get vacinated), Reese tricks Zander into taking him to see the teleporter in a plot to get to the jamming device. Max and Rex travel to Zeta Point to save Zoe, Reese, and Dr. Drake.

Without the jamming device signal, Zoe gets through to Max and Rex who then arrive at Zeta Point. Chomp and Ace have a hard time fighting Spiny due to their cold. Zoe uses Nature's Blessing to heal Chomp and Ace. Zoe withdraws from the battle so that Reese can use her Dino Holder to power the teleporter. Dr. Drake arrives and uses its heavy-hitting tranquilizer to knock out Tank. When Reese and Zoe activating the teleporter, they get Dr. Drake back to the house calling off his search for Terry. Chomp and Ace defeat Spiny and Tank. With Helga's help, Dr. Drake vacinates Terry and the D-Team gets back to the house before it teleports away.

The D-Team retreats back to the D-Lab. Seth discovers that the teleporter works well after all and moves on to bigger targets.

0-1- (2)

Spiny watching Ursula run away after an accidental shot, while Helga grabs Ed, thinking he needs a shot.

Battle Edit

D-Team vs. Ursula/Ed Edit

Ursula and Ed summon Spiny and Tank. Since Chomp and Ace didnt get there flu shot there not winning the battle. So Paris uses Nature's Blessing. They fight until Dr. Drake comes in. Max tells Dr. Drake to throw the needle at Tank. He throws the needle at Tank and she faints. Then Chomp and Ace defeat Spiny while Zoe leaves to get her house back home.

D-Team wins

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