A Kyoto Caper is the 44th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


The D-Team accompany Dr. Taylor to Kyoto, Japan, to deliver a complete Fukuisaurus fossil to Dr. Owen. A Fukuisaurus card activates and starts stealing shiny objects. Now that Dr. Z's back is feeling better, he and Ursula decide to accompany Zander, Ed, Laura, and Rod to obtain the Fukuisaurus (which is the last new dinosaur card).

Dr. Owen calls Spike Taylor to tell him that a complete Fukuisaurus fossil has been found in Kyoto, Japan. However, unbeknown to them, a Fukuisaurus card has also been activated.

Meanwhile, there is a geisha-in-training, who is buckling under the pressure of her teacher. While walking outside, Fukuisaurus snatches her hairpin!


Zander vs. Rex/FukuisaurusEdit

Zander summons Spiny to chase Fukuisaurus. To stop Fukuisaurus, Spiny hits the wood floor with his tail and breaks it, causing it to be trapped. However, Ace shows up and stops Spiny, allowing Fukuisaurus to escape.

Later, Spiny finds Fukuisaurus and attacks it, but Fukuisaurus uses Emerald Garden and defeats Spiny.

Fukuisaurus wins

Ed/Tank vs. FukuisaurusEdit

After the Fukuisaurus escapes Spiny, it duels Tank. Tank uses counter attack but Fukuisaurus dodges it. Then Tank uses Tail Smash. But before Tank can reach it, it uses Emerald Garden and defeats Tank.

Fukuisaurus wins

Rod vs. FukuisaurusEdit

After Spiny loses, Rod uses Ursula's Alpha Scanner to summon Terry, who attacks Fukuisaurus.

Terry beats Fukuisaurus with Volcano Burst while it's using Emerald Garden.

Rod wins

Max/Rex vs. RodEdit

After obtaining the Fukuisaurus card, Chomp and Ace fight Terry. Chomp finishes him with Thunder Bazooka.

Max and Rex win

New CardsEdit


  • Ace shows his fear of water again, despite getting over it in Falls Alarm!.


44 A Kyoto Caper21:16

44 A Kyoto Caper

Dinosaur King episode 44

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