Full Scheme Ahead is the 46th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Reese repairs Jonathan and he assembles a Tyrannosaurus fossil model while talking to Chomp, Ace and Paris, while the D-Team question whether Jonathon was built by the Alpha Gang or not. Chomp then bites his head and turns it right side up. Jonathon then mistakes Rex for someone called Dr. Ancient, but doesn't remember what he just said.

Meanwhile, on Zeta Point, Seth makes Terry ill by using him to test out his new move, Fire Scorcher. Although she witnesses this, Laura is told by Seth not to tell anyone what he had done to Terry or Dr. Z could get hurt. So instead, Laura and Rod take Terry to Dr. Drake's house. Seth then uses Alpha Droids to steal a Tyrannosaurus fossil from an excavation site and attempts to revive it. Zander comes in and and requests Seth see Dr. Z for something, who is suffering with Helga.

The D-Team also arrives at Dr. Drake's house after learning that the two Alpha Gang members have come, and Laura told them what had happened to Terry. Meanwhile, Jonathan arrived at Zeta Point after figuring out that Seth had done it, remembering him taking important data from him in episode 42. Ursula summons Spiny to fight Jonathan, but he defeats the dinosaur rather easily, shocking her. After Spiny was defeated, the D-Team and Rod arrived.

They then find Seth has damaged Helga and he was plotting behind Dr. Z's back. Seth says his real plan is to rengineer all of the dinosaurs and make them able to survive extinction. Dr. Z and Rod then decide to fight Seth and Seth sends out Saurophaganax to fight. Then, Dr. Z and Rod send out Spiny and Tank. But, Seth evacuates Fire Scorcher. After Spiny and Tank get defeated, the D-Team sent out their dinosaurs, but they were defeated as well. Jonathon saves Rex after he takes the cards and take him off the island. After they leave, Zeta Point becomes Backlander.


Ursula/Spiny vs JonathanEdit

Ursula summons Spiny. Jonathan kicks Spiny, then spins him around, leaving him unable to perform.

Jonathan wins

Dr. Z & Rod vs Seth/SaurophaganaxEdit

Dr. Z summons Spiny while Rod summons Tank. Seth has Saurophaganax out to attack them. They tie, but then Seth uses Fire Scorcher (Death Fire) and Saurophaganax knocks them out.

Seth wins

D-Team vs Seth/SaurophaganaxEdit

The D-Team summon their respective dinosaurs, but Seth defeats them with Fire Scorcher before they can use Lightning Strike, Cyclone and Metal Wing.

Seth wins


  • When Max comments about Jonathan is similar to Helga, he pauses a while before saying Helga's name. This might be a reference to episode 38, where he keeps mispronouncing Helga's name.
  • This episode has the latest occurence of the theme song, with it appearing 4 minutes after the show has started

New CardsEdit


46 Full Scheme Ahead21:21

46 Full Scheme Ahead

Dinosaur King episode 46

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