Tricks of the Traitor is the 47th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Zeta Point then reveals itself as a ship and Rod, Dr. Z, the A-Team and the remaining Alpha Droids go after Seth. However, a trap door opens up under them and they fall into the garbadge chute. Back at the D-Lab, Jonathan reveals himself to be a butler to Dr. Ancient from just over 100 years in the future. Laura reveals that Zeta Point is actually a time machine called the Backlander.

Jonathan reveals that Rex Owen's real parents are Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia, and tells the D-Team how they found the stones, as one stone then. Jonathan reveals that the stones was the way the dinosaurs spoke to people. The dinosaurs then asked the Ancients to save them from extinction. They then used the stones to make the Backlander, and prepared to travel to the past with their assistant, Seth, and members of the Alpha Gang. Jonathan then reveals that they reached the Age of Dinosaurs and succeeded into turning Dinosaur cards and transport them home. Everything was going fine until Dr. Z was conducting his own experiments involving Move Cards and plans his Dinosaur Kingdom, delaying their work.

When Dr. Cretacia became pregnant and planned to return, Dr. Z had other plans and planned to sabotage the time machine with Seth, trapping them in the Cretaceous Period. When Rex was finally born, Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia appointed Jonathan to watch over Rex.

Dr. Z and Seth planned to jettison Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia and an accident sends Jonathan and baby Rex into the timestream, which leave the Backlander as Zeta Point. Laura recalls an argument between Dr. Ancient and Seth.

Meanwhile, Seth has transformed the Tyrannosaurus fossil into the Black Tyrannosaurus as Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang catch up to them. Zander summons Tank while Seth summons Saurophaganax. Rod uses Ampelosaurus to help out his grandfather. However, Seth activates Fire Scorcher, which defeats Tank and Ampelosaurus. Helga comes to their rescue and sends them to escape as she tries to buy them some time. Zeta Point shows up on the D-Lab's radar as Dr. Z's ship arrives at the D-Lab. Laura reveals to Dr. Z what he and Seth did to Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia as a Dinosaur signal goes on. Seth has summoned his Black Tyrannosaurus.


Zander/Rod vs SethEdit

Zander summons Tank and Seth summons Saurophaganax. Saurophaganax then attacks Tank and Rod sends out Ampelosaurus, which attacks Saurophaganax and fuses off with Aqua Vortex. However, Saurophaganax survives and uses Fire Scorcher, knocking them out.

Saurophaganax wins

New CardsEdit


47 Tricks of the Traitor21:22

47 Tricks of the Traitor

Dinosaur King episode 47

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