One Final Move! is the 48th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Seth has unleashed his Black Tyrannosaurus upon the city. The D-Team tries to stop them, but Chomp, Ace, and Paris as well as Terry are no match for Black Tyrannosaurus. Seth holds Zoe hostage to get the D-Team to surrender their Dino Holders in order to power the Backlander. To reclaim the Dino Holders, the the Alpha Gang fly towards Zeta Point which doesn't go well when Dr. Z sneezes in his Alpha Droid disguise. Jonathan manages to rescue them after he rebuilt Helga. When they reach the control room, Dr. Taylor uses his whip to reclaim the Dino Holders. Seth unleashes Saurophaganax upon them. With some advice from Dr. Z, Max and Rex combine their Move Cards enough for Chomp and Ace to defeat Saurophaganax as its card is claimed by Max. Seth then unleashes Black Tyrannosaurus as the D-Team wonder how to defeat it.


Dr. Z/D-Team vs. SethEdit

Dr. Z summons Terry, while the D-Team summons their respective dinosaurs. Seth's Black Tyrannosaurus is already on a rampage through the city.

Chomp uses Lightning Spear and Terry uses Volcano Burst against Black T-Rex, but they have no effect. All four of the dinosaurs fighting Black T-Rex are called back just before they are hit by a swing of its tail (which would probably have defeated them all anyway).

Black T-Rex wins

Max/Rex/Dr. Z vs. SethEdit

Seth summons Saurophaganax, but Terry, summoned by Dr. Z, sneak attacks Saurophaganax from the side. Then Seth used Fire Scorcher and defeats Terry in one shot, causing Max and Rex to call out Chomp and Ace.

Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone used independently seem to have little effect, and Ace just barely dodges another Fire Scorcher attack. Then, under instruction by Dr. Z, Max and Rex (at first reluctant) slash the move cards at the same time to use the fusion move, Thunderstorm Bazooka (Thunder Bazooka + Cyclone), defeating Saurophaganax.

Max/Rex win


  • If you stop just after Rex says "I thought the stone couldn't be copied.", you can see part of the Black T-Rex card, though incomplete. This is the only time the card is seen in the show.
  • It is unknown why Max uses Chomp's Lightning Spear against the Black Tyrannosaurus, as it would be impossible for Chomp to lift and throw the altered Black T-Rex, as is how the Move usually works.


48 One Final Move21:15

48 One Final Move

Dinosaur King episode 48

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