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A Game Show Showdown is the 7th episode of Dinosaur King, in Series 1.


Zoe is watching a TV game show called Gobble Gobble Brain Boggle, and the topic for the upcoming episode is dinosaur trivia. With Zoe 'in love' with the host, Tommy K, Max wanting the golden Triceratops statue, and Dr. Taylor after the $1,000,000, the D-Team signs up for the show.

Meanwhile, Dr. Z is training the Alpha Gang to win the game show for the million dollars of prize money (but they can't even reach the buzzer, owing to the bungee cords anchored on the other side of the room). Then he sends them off to the studio, but their helicopter runs out of fuel over the ocean (at least the batteries for the "No Fuel" warning light worked).

The D-Team arrives at the studio, but they are told that they can't bring their pets on the set, so they leave them in a dark part of the studio, but they immediately wander off. At the same time, the Alpha Gang arrives wearing childrens' clothes, claiming they are from Alpha Middle School in the South Pacific and they only just turned 13. The D-Team doesn't believe them for a second, but the apparently clueless Tommy K believes even their most ridiculous excuses and lets them compete.

Unfortunately, Chomp and Ace wander on to the set of the Dino Troopers, and are mistaken for dogs disguised as baby dinos, and are locked in a cage on set to be part of the episode. Meanwhile, on the game show set, the competition is underway, and the Alpha Gang quickly starts cheating (making the D-Team's buzzers go off before the question is fully asked).

But back on the Dino Trooper set, a gust of wind for special effects accidentally activates a Utahraptor card! Dr. Z sends an Alpha Controller with a rocket booster so the Alpha Gang can take control of the dinosaur as soon as they catch it. But to catch it, Ursula and Zander intentionally answer wrong to get "gobbled" (the pod they sit in for the show closes) and sneak off. Max and Rex follow suit.

Max runs into the Utahraptor on the Dino Trooper set, but it runs off and wreaks havoc on many other sets in the studio (a Japanese samurai movie, a detective mystery in the "reveal the crook" phase, a two-commedian stand-up routine, a cooking show, and even the studio's reception desk). On the roof, the Alpha Controller "finds" Ursula and Zander (by crashing into them from behind), and they use Tank to quickly beat Utahraptor, then use the Controller on its card.

They immediately run into Max and Rex, and Ursula summons Utahraptor again to attack them, so Max summons Chomp. The battle soon breaks onto the game show set during the last question, where Utahraptor is weakened by Ace and defeated by Chomp. But, due to Ed's saying "How'd they beat our Utahraptor?", the Alpha Gang officially wins the show ("Utahraptor" was the correct answer), so they escape with the money.

As they fly back to Zeta Point on the Alpha Controller, however, Ed foolishly asks "What could go wrong?", so the Controller explodes to show him what could. Meanwhile, Rex is happy they got the dinosaur card, but the rest of the D-Team is disappointed for various reasons.


Ursula/Tank vs. UtahraptorEdit


Tank and Utahraptor (also seen in the opening credits)

Utahraptor approaches the Alpha Gang, so Ursula summons Tank. Tank attacks, leaping forward and swinging around, slamming Utahraptor in the gut with her tail club. Ursula quickly activates Dino Swing, and Tank beats Utahraptor, slamming it into a nearby tower.

Alpha Gang wins

D-Team vs. Ursula /UtahraptorEdit

Ursula summons Utahraptor to attack the D-Team, so Max sends out Chomp. The fight quickly breaks through the wall into the game show set. Chomp chases Utahraptor in a circle, but it is too fast for him. It jumps forward and locks its sickle toe claw with Chomp's nose horn before breaking off. Chomp continues to lunge after it, but it keeps dodging him.

Seeing Utahraptor is just too fast for Chomp to handle, Rex summons Ace. Ursula has "Utah" use Atomic Bomb, but Rex activates Cyclone. Ace and Utah's attacks hit each other mid-air, canceling, but leaving Utah disoriented. Chomp takes the oppurtunity and defeats Utahraptor with Electric Charge.

D-Team wins

New CardsEdit


(Question #2 on the game show)
-Female Announcer: "This dinosaur's name translated means "egg thief"."
-Dr. Taylor: "Oviraptor!"
-Tommy K: "Correc—agh!"
-Ursula: "'Over actor'!?! Is he talking about me?"
-Zander: "The dinosaur's an 'Oviraptor'."
-Ed: "More than Ursula?"
-Tommy K: "Audience members, please refrain from answering questions."
-Dr. Taylor: (being led off-stage by security) "I'm sorry, it just came out."

(female news announcer sitting at news desk with video of Utahraptor in the station's lobby behind her)
-TV News Announcer: "Now breaking news. A live dinosaur is attacking a local TV station. And since it's this one, I'll have updates for you soon, assuming I don't get eaten."
(Utahraptor runs up and bites the camera filming it, making the screen behind the news announcer go to static)


  • The show set where Utahraptor was activated (Dino Troopers) was a play on Power Rangers.
  • This is the 1st episode where a wild dinosaur was nicknamed.
  • Even though Kentrosaurus and Oviraptor weren't seen in the anime, their names were briefly mentioned in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Max has a long lost Grandma Grezelda (her only mention in the show).
  • The director on the Dino Trooper set is the same director who later appeared in "A Loch Ness Mess".
  • If the TV studio doesn't allows pets, why didn't they turn the dinosaurs back into cards?


07 A Gameshow Showdown21:02

07 A Gameshow Showdown

Dinosaur King episode 7

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