Diving Press is a Normal Move Card.


Diving Press

Diving Press card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)

TCG LoresEdit

+400 or +700; If a Rock Dinosaur uses this Move, it gains +700 Power instead of +400.


  • In the arcade game, a Dinosaur must win at Rock to use this Move, and needs at least 800 Technique to use it to full effect (thereby indicating those with 1000-1200 Power).
  • As seen in the Gallery below, some dinosaur attacker and target combinations may cause it to appear as if the attacker isn't even biting the target; this is due to there only being one animation cycle for the Move, and as such, not all dinosaur model combinations will match up properly.
  • In real life, it would be impossible for most dinosaurs to perform this Move owing to the bite strength needed; only some large theropods and perhaps ceratopsians would have a sufficient bite strength, though the latter would be largely incapable of the needed leap.


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