Earth Barrier is an Earth Move Card.


Earth Barrier

Earth Barrier card

  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Ursula (Alpha Gang)
  • Used by: Tank
  • First Appearance: Dance Evolution
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: Chunks of earth rise up and protect you from your opponent's attack! In the arcade game, it increases your resistance to your opponent's attack. It was created by Dr Z. and given to the A-Team. It was Tank's second move card.

TCG LoresEdit

+800; (Only an Earth Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • It stopped Daspletosaurus' Fire Bomb attack.
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is also seen on the TCG Move Cards Earth Power, Survival Instinct, Super Earth Barrier, Sacrificial Slam, Mega Crush, and Stone Shield, and an altered version is seen on Bedrock Blaze.
  • In the arcade game, this Move activates almost at random when you win with any move button. It is also used as a "Partner effect" when the 2nd dinosaur (must be Earth type) is not fighting. It occurs sometimes whenever the Earth dinosaur's partner (the dinosaur that is fighting) wins. In turn, the effect will benefit the fighting dinosaur.
  • Its TCG card is labeled as being from "DKPR", which likely means it's part of a promotional pack instead of a wide-spread release.


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