Egg Attack is a Grass Move Card.


Grass Move Egg Attack

Egg Attack card

  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Rock
  • Effect: Calls out a trio of Oviraptor who shoot a storm of eggs at your opponent!

TCG LoresEdit

Egg Blaster
+1000; (Only a Rock Grass Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • It is called "Egg Blaster" in the TCG, and "Egg Machine Gun" is a stronger version of Egg Attack in the DS Game that is a Grass Fusion Move which gets stronger in an Earth Battlefield.
  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Magical Shot, and an altered version of one is seen on Spore Storm.
  • In the arcade game, you have to win at Rock to use this Move.


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