This is the format for Episode Pages. To get it, click on "Edit this page" and copy everything between the 4 dashes.

|name =
|image =
|imagewidth =
|caption =
|series =
|number =
|total =
|kanji = 
|romaji =
|english =
|airdate =
|previous = 
|next = 


(A detailed summary of the episode, mention but do not describe battles. Required.)


(The dinosaurs summoned and move cards used, as well as the result. Required.)


(Memorably or funny quotes, who said them, and what was going on at the time. Optional.)

New Cards

(Bulleted list of any cards appearing for the first time, what type they are. Required if applicable.)


(Any interesting details about the episode or its contents. Optional.)


(Video of complete episode; all video already uploaded. Required.)

Add the Categories [[Category:Anime]], [[Category:Dinosaur King episodes]]

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