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Spectral Armor Euoplocephalus is a TCG-only armored form of Euoplocephalus presumably used by the Space Pirates, though it was never seen under their control (as the TCG has no storyline).



Spectral Armor Euoplocephalus TCG Card

  • Species: Euoplocephalus
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Power: 2300
  • Sign: Paper
  • Other: This is the only TCG-only armored dinosaur. Its Spectral Armor suit is unlike any other seen on any dinosaur.

TCG LoresEdit

Stand Firm (?)
As long as you have 2 or fewer cards in your hand, this Dinosaur has 2500 Power.
Unflinching Fighter
If this Dinosaur ties a battle, it stays in play (it isn't considered to have won or lost the battle).
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