Fire Bomb is a Fire Move Card.


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Fire Bomb card

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Sign: Scissors
    • TCG: Paper
  • Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team) (never used), Dr Z. (Alpha Gang), Sheer (Space Pirates)
  • Used By: Daspletosaurus, Mapusaurus
  • First Appearance: Dance Evolution
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: Gather fire in your mouth, then jump into the air, come down, and bite your opponent in the back, causing a huge fiery explosion.
  • Other: It was in Daspletosaurus's Dinosaur Card Capsule and was activated by the same sparks it was. It was claimed by Max. Later, Dr Z. let Daslpletosaurus use it aganst Black T-Rex, but it failed. Another one was later used by Sheer's Mapusaurus, but Chomp countered it with Lightning Spear.

TCG LoresEdit

+1000; (Only a Paper Fire Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • Despite being used four times by two dinosaurs, this Move Card was never used successfully: Daspletosaurus used it first, but it was countered by Tank's Earth Barrier; it used the Move again against Ace, but Chomp and Paris distracted it; it later used the Move to attack Black T-Rex, but it had no effect at all; Mapusaurus used it against Chomp, but it was countered by Lightning Spear.
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is also seen on the TCG Move Cards Flames of Victory, Ultimate Firestorm, and Flame Fang.
  • In the arcade game, you have to win with Scissors to use this Move.
  • Practically speaking, if this Move were used on an Earth Dinosaur, it would almost certainly cause massive damage to the teeth of the Fire dinosaur due to the armor that the ankylosaurs and stegosaurs have. Besides, it is not possible for a bulky dinosaur to leap at such a great height.
  • This was the first Fire Move Card created by Sega.


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