Foolscap (Zapper) is a member of the Spectral Space Pirates. He was the second member to debut. In the English dub, he is voiced by Marc Thompson.

Character DesignEdit

Foolscap has periwinkle skin, with spiky blue hair. He is extremely skinny, and wears skin-tight, black shirt with blue markings on this side and purple pants. He wears a purple vest and a purple headband, which he uses to summon dinosaurs from. His wings are pale blue and scrawny and he has gloves with claws. It is revealed that during the extinction of the dinosaurs the impact from the meteor caused trapped in a time vortex making him and cohorts over a million years old, but his physical being seems to age around his 30's (in human aging).


In English, the word "foolscap" can refer to a size of paper, and Foolscap's dinosaur, Armatus, has the Paper Sign. He also has blue hair, the same color as the Paper Sign. A similar pattern exists with the other two Space Pirates.


Foolscap is very vain and self-centered, first introducing himself to the D-Team as "I am the mighty Foolscap, of the great amazing Spectral Space Pirates!"

Like Sheer, he is afraid of heights.


He often argues with Gavro and competes with him. He thinks that he is very smart. He uses a rope-like object, which he used to capture the Purple Cosmos Stone.

In the finale, when the Space Pirates are seen in a space pod, he complains about Spectre's singing, asking how long they would have to listen to his singing.



TCG LoresEdit

(DKDS) Look at the top 6 cards of your opponent's deck. Choose 1 of those cards and put it into your opponent's discard pile. Put the rest back on top of your opponent's deck in any order. Search your deck for a Move or a Rock or Scissors Spectral Armor Dinosaur and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
(DKTA) Search your deck for a Rock or Scissors Spectral Armor Dinosaur and a Rock or Scissors Super Move and put them into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)
(SAS) Choose a "Armatus" or a Move card from your deck or your discard pile and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck. You can include "Armatus" in your deck only if you are using this Character.


  • The dinosaurs Spectre (or Seth, as he was the one Sheer asked to give her another dinosaur after Lexovisaurus was beaten) gives him are usually herbivorous, with Majungasaurus, Megalosaurus, and his Move Card Dinosaurs being the only exceptions.
  • He summoned at least one dinosaur of every Element (including Normal Move and Secret) except for Fire, making him the only Space Pirate to not control a Fire Dinosaur.
  • He's the only Space Pirate whose eye and hair color are the same (in his case, blue).
  • He seems to have a problem with pterosaurs, as both Tupuxuara and Anhanguera (pterosaurs he once controlled) later attack and slam into him on different occasions (though an obviously second Tupuxuara also happily attacks him alongside his former Anhanguera).


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