General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Futabasaurus

  • Name: Futabasaurus suzukii
  • Name Meaning: Futaba Lizard
  • Diet: Piscivore
  • Length: 6-7 meters (20-23 feet)
  • Time Period: Middle/Late Cretaceous
  • Classification: Plesiosauria --> Plesiosauroidea --> Elasmosauridae
  • Place Found: Japan
  • Describer: Sato, Hagesawa and Manabe, 2006

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit


Water Move Futaba Mega Cannon

Futaba Mega Cannon Card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition)


  • Name: Futaba
  • Owner: Ursula (Alpha Gang), Zoe Drake (D-Team)
  • First Appearance: A Miner Disaster
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Ace, Tank, Spiny, Himself (by defeating Spiny)
  • Other: It is the only non-dinosaur to have a true Dinosaur Card (in the TCG only). In the DS game it was mistaken for the legendary dragon and spreading the dragon's curse which caused people to fall asleep.

Assist Move CardsEdit

Futaba Super Cannon (Futaba Mega Cannon)
Futabasaurus shoots a blast of water at your enemy! This has proved itself to be one of the strongest Water Move Cards, easily defeating Ace, Tank, and Spiny with one hit each, and nearly defeating Chomp.

TCG LoresEdit

  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power: 1600
Super Bonus
When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins, draw a card.
Spirited Bonus (Swamp Futabasaurus)
During your turn, you can discard 1 card. If you do, draw 1 card. You can only use this ability once per turn.


Dinosaur KingEdit

Futabasaurus's Move Card was found by the Alpha Gang, who used him to attack the D-Team, defeating Ace, but he was injured by Tank and disappeared. Zoe found by a nearby lake and had Paris heal him with Nature's Blessing; because of that, Futaba befriended her. When Zander recalled Spiny, he returned to his card, which Zoe claimed.

Later, Ursula got him back thanks to Tank making Zoe drop his card. However, he remembered Zoe after Nature's Blessing was used to heal Chomp, and he turned on the Alpha Gang, defeating Tank and Spiny (and in the process, himself, as his Move Card was being used by Spiny).

Another Futabasaurus was used by the Alpha Gang in Carnival of Chaos as a submarine. However, due to him not having eaten for so many days, he went beserk. The D-Team then knocked off his Control Device and he returned to a card, which was retrieved by Alpha Droids.

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Futaba is later used to fight the 5 Ophthalmosaurus summoned from Ocean Panic, helping to lure them into the path of Spiny's Ultimate Water.

Futaba is last seen in the finale, swimming in the ocean alongside Ophthalmosaurus and Deltadromeus.


  • Dr.Taylor's arcade comments:
    • Japanese: フタバスズキリュウの名前で有名な首長竜だが、2006年正式にこの学名がついた。
    • English: A dinosaur with a long neck. This scientific name was given to this dinosaur in 2006.
    • Taiwanese: 以雙葉鈴木龍的名稱著名的長頸龍。 2006年正式使用這個學名。
  • Futabasaurus appeared out of a pool of water that just appeared on the ground, but when he dived back into it after Tank's tail club hit his neck, he somehow reappeared in a lake a reasonable distance away.
  • Futabasaurus is one of only two Move Card Dinosaurs to be nicknamed by one of the characters in the anime, the other being Pawpawsaurus.
  • Though it was named after its discoverer and the formation it was found in, the Japanese term/word for "Futaba" can also mean "sprout", and the term/surname for "Suzuki" means "bell wood or bell tree", making its name literally mean "Bell Wood Sprout Lizard". The word "Suzuki" can also mean "perch".
  • In the anime, some of Futabasaurus' cries are Godzilla's calls (from the late 1960's through the early 1970's).
  • It is unknown why Futabasaurus was not used in the fight against the Black T-Rex, but the reason could be that he needed to be in a body of water to be summoned, which is contradictory of what was seen in his debut episode. However, another reason could be that Max had his card at the time, and so he along with a number of other dinosaurs did not take part due to Max's absence from the battle.
  • For some reason, after Futabasaurus befriended Zoe and called him "Futaba", when the Alpha Gang summoned Futabasaurus again they somehow knew Zoe's nickname for him, with Ursula saying, "Super Cannon, Futaba!" (Unless it was just a flubbed reading of the Move's name.)


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