Gavro/Gabbro (Gunenco) is one of the Spectral Space Pirates. He is voiced by David Wills in the English dub and by Mamiya Yasuhiro in the original Japanese version.

Character DesignEdit


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Gavro is big and tough. He is shown to have a sort of rivalry with Foolscap. He has been shown to be rather dim-witted, and was the only Space Pirate not to retrieve a Cosmos Stone. He has fat fists good for punching, as he once knocked down a large barn-like building with one punch. Because of his lack in intelligence he is also very impatient, relentless and short-tempered thus never tends hesitates to threaten a person if they don't succeed to finish a simple task at hand.


He first appeared in Alien Parent Trap, stealing Max's house with the D-Team's parents inside to capture Dr. and Mrs. Ancient. He uses his Torvosaurus to force them to help them finding the Cosmos Stones.

Ancient Rome ArcEdit

In episode 2, he forces the villagers to tell him were Sophia is, who has the Yellow Cosmos Stone. When the roman army tried to attack him, he summoned his Torvosaurus to "say hello for him", using Magma Blaster.

Later he uses Torvosaurus again to battle Chomp and Ace, nearly defeating them with Magma Blaster, but eventually lost through Thunder Storm Bazooka. He was then seen in episode 4 where Spectre blamed him and Foolscap for not retrieving the Stone. He then received new dinosaur cards.

Caribbean ArcEdit

In episode 6, he used his Edmontonia to find the Blue Cosmos Stone, but recalled him than. He used him with his Diceratops to battle Ace and Terry, but after Terry defeated his Edmontonia with Ultimate Fire, he recalled his Diceratops and fled with him along with the other half of the map. In the next episode he summoned his Diceratops, thinking that there is a monster, but it was just a rock. Later, he battled Paris at the beach, but got defeated by her Ultimate Leaf.

Ancient China ArcEdit

He used an Achelousaurus in Monk in the Middle when he kidnapped "Sanzo Hoshi" (who was actually Dr. Z). He fought against Spiny and nearly defeated him, but was recalled before he could finish him off. Later, after Gavro was looking for the real Sanzo Hoshi, he battled Chomp using Attack Burst, but got defeated. Gavro reclaimed his card, but instead of using him again, he was given a Carcharodontosaurus, that he used against Tank, when they were heading to the Purple Cosmos Stone. After Carcharodontosaurus was defeated by her Ultimate Earth, he fled.

Ancient Japan ArcEdit

He was sent by Spectre to go after the White Cosmos Stone, using a Baryonyx, but after it got defeated by Chomp's Thunder Driver and the Shoguns escaped, he fled. In the next episode, he used a Pentaceratops, but was swung away by Paris, and his dinosaur got defeated by Chomp's Thunder Driver again.

Ancient Persia ArcEdit

Gavro went to the cave of the 39 thieves where the Red Cosmos Stone was inside. He used his Afrovenator to break the door opened, but he failed and recalled him. Later, when he was in the cave, he used his Afrovenator again to attack the Alpha Gang, defeating Spiny with Tornado Toss. He battled Ace, but he was knocked away by Genie and his Afrovenator got defeated by Hurricane Beat.

Renaissance Paris ArcEdit

After Seth completed a new version of Spectral Armor, he went after the Green Cosmos Stone in Paris. He used an Anchiceratops to battle Spiny, but when Chomp was summoned, he used his new altered Tyrannosaurus, Gigas, defeating Spiny. He battled the D-Team's dinos, but after he discovered the Cosmos Stone, he recalled Gigas and lost his Anchiceratops through Thunder Driver.

In The Haunted Hunt, he used Gigas again to battle the Alpha Gang, nearly defeating Terry and Spiny, and successfully defeating Tank, but lost when Chomp and Ace combined their Ultimate Moves with Spiny's Ultimate Move. He fled when a berserk Paris tried to attack him, and failed to reclaim the Cosmos stone when Jonathan beamed them back aboard the Backlander.

Finale ArcEdit

In the final episode, he charged up Gigas through the Dark Pterosaur, but probably lost him when he and Terry defeated each other.

At the end he was seen in a capsule with the other Space Pirates flying through Space.


Gavro is not on particularly good terms with anyone, being seen as an enemy by his enemies and typically as dim-witted by his allies, although he did own Gigas for a short period of time.


Gavro is rarely seen interacting with Seth throughout the series. In the third-to-last episode, however, when Spectre ordered them to attack Seth, he revealed he hated Seth all this time, even calling Seth a "pretty boy".



TCG StatsEdit


Gavro TCG card (DKDS)

  • Name: Gabbro
  • Team: Spectral Space Pirates
  • Effects:
(DKDS) Your opponent discards 1 random card. Search your deck for a Move or a Scissors or Paper Spectral Armor Dinosaur and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
(DKTA) Search your deck for a Paper or Rock Spectral Armor Dinosaur and a Paper or Rock Super Move and put them into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)
(SAS) Choose a "Gigas" or a Move from your deck or your discard pile and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck. You can include "Gigas" in your deck only if you are using this Character.


  • Gavro is the only Space Pirate not to summon a dinosaur through a Move Card.
  • His dinosaurs are evenly split between herbivores and carnivores, unlike either of the other two Space Pirates. Interesting to note, all but one of his herbivorous dinosaurs is a Lightning Dinosaur.
  • He is the only Space Pirate who uses some dinosaurs without a Move Card (Diceratops, Carcharodontosaurus, Pentaceratops, and Anchiceratops).
  • He summoned at least one dinosaur of each of the six main Elements except for Grass.
  • Gavro summoned the most returning dinosaurs out of all of the Space Pirates with 4 (Carcharodontosaurus, Baryonyx, Pentaceratops, and Anchiceratops; Foolscap only summoned 2 with Megalosaurus and Ankylosaurus; and Sheer summoned 3 with Megaraptor, Mapusaurus, and Deinonychus).
  • Like the other Space Pirates, he proceeds to take the role of "enemy of the episode" with a new dinosaur in one or two of the four episodes of each major story arc of the season.
  • The TCG spells his name "Gabbro". It's possible his name is based on the ingenious rock of the same name. His dinosaur, Gigas, has the Rock Sign, and Gavro himself is red, also like the Rock Sign. A similar pattern exists with the other two Space Pirates.
    • Gavro is, however, the only one whose color/sign do not match the "primary" sign (signified by the strongest and main dinosaurs) of his dinosaur's Attribute. In both the arcade and TCG, strong and main Fire Dinosaurs are typically of the Paper sign; Foolscap fits with arcade and TCG Earth Dinosaurs having the "primary" sign Paper, and Sheer with arcade Lightning Dinosaurs having "primary" Scissors (though Rock in the TCG).


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