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Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Isisaurus 3

Genie with Zahrah and the D-Team

Move CardsEdit

Hydro Cutter
Genie sent three blades of water at Terry, Spiny and Tank, slicing and defeating them.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

His card was in a Card Capsule hidden in a gold lamp in the 40 Thieves' treasure cave, and was activated when a drop of water fell into it. He befriended Zahrah, who thought he was the genie of the lamp and named him "Genie" as such. He ate the Red Cosmos Stone, gaining immense power as a result. He helped transport Zahrah and the D-Team across the desert as they made their way back to Zahrah's city, even saving them (mostly just Max, repeatedly) from such desert dangers as sandstorms and quicksand.

Shortly after arriving, however, he was mind-controlled by Sheer (which was Seth's idea), turning him into his Spectral Armor form and giving him a Move Card. He fought against Terry, Spiny, and Tank, countering Terry's Heat Eruption with Hydro Cutter, then using the same Move to defeat all three of them. He then fought against Paris, who used Metal Wing against him, summoning the three Pteranodon, but he knocked them away. After Sheer fell, he became outraged and defeated Paris as well. However, Chomp and Ace were then summoned to battle, combining Ultimate Thunder and Ultimate Wind to defeat Genie. His card was reclaimed by Zoe, and Zahrah let the D-Team take him with them.

Character DesignEdit

Physically, Genie is a standard-model Isisaurus. He has a general sauropod body plan with several species-unique features; specifically, his forelimbs are about as long as his hind limbs, and his neck is extra thick with a row of small bony plates covering the top of his neck, back, and tail.


He is named Genie for his card being hidden in a golden lamp in the treasure cave, being activated by a drip of water from the ceiling when Zahrah tried using it to wish on the genie of the lamp, which causes her to believe he was the genie.


He is easily one of the kindest wild dinosaurs in the show, quickly befriending Zahrah and following her command, acting to protect her and her friends even without being told to do so.

When Sheer takes control of him through Spectral Armor, however, his personality reverses, becoming aggressive towards everyone else.


  • Genie is one of the few dinosaurs nicknamed: other dinosaurs include the main characters' dinosaurs, Sheer's Megaraptor (Meg), Pawpawsaurus (Pawpaw), Dr. Z's Deinonychus trio (Dino, Dano, Sue), Yangchuanosaurus (Yang), Euoplocephalus (Hannah), Utahraptor (Utah), and Iguanodon (Iguano).
  • Genie is the only dinosaur of the second series to have its card found in a Card Capsule. Despite this, neither Dr. Ancient nor Dr. Z had noticed or mentioned that the Dinosaur Card collection had a missing Isisaurus card before.


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