Spectral Armor Gigas is an armored version of Gigas made by Seth, programmed into Gigas' card.


Gigas armor

Spectral Armor Gigas

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Power: 2000
    • TCG: 2500
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Rock
  • Owner: Gavro (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Debut: The Wee Musketeers
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Spiny, Tank, Chomp, Terry
  • Other: This is the only form of Gigas that appears in the anime.

Move CardsEdit

Spectral Lancer (Jark Lancer)
Four long "arms" grow from the Spectral Armor spikes on Gigas' back, then he runs forward, grabs his opponent with them, and smashes them into a wall (that, in the anime, appears out of nowhere, and then vanishes). It was used to defeat Spiny, Tank, Chomp, and Terry.
Magma Blaster
Gigas shot a beam of fire at Chomp and Ace, but they dodged the attack and it hit the trees, sparking a forest fire.

TCG LoresEdit

Fire Master
This Dinosaur can use all Fire Moves.
Spectral Bite
When this Dinosaur wins a battle, your opponent loses 2 Life Points.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Gigas first appeared in The Wee Musketeers helping Anchiceratops battle the D-Team and Alpha Gang, defeating Spiny. After Anchiceratops was defeated and reclaimed by the D-Team, Gavro realized that the Cosmos Stone wasn't there and recalled him mid-charge. Gigas later battled the Alpha Gang, nearly defeating Terry and Spiny, and successfully defeating Tank, but was defeated after Chomp and Ace joined the battle and combined their Ultimate Moves with Spiny's Ultimate Move. However, he was reclaimed by Gavro and reappeared later in the same episode to attack the D-Team and Alpha Gang before they were rescued by Jonathan.

He battled Chomp and Ace in the next episode, but accidentally lit a forest fire with Magma Blaster, forcing both sides to retreat. He helped fight the D-Team in the The Forest Fire Effect/The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone battle, but was recalled when the volcano erupted. In The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone, he was summoned alongside Armatus and Maximus to attack Seth (because he'd stolen the Cosmos Stones), but was frozen in place by Cryolophosaurus's Blizzard Smash.

In Clash for the Cosmos Stones, Gigas defeated Chomp before being supercharged by the Dark Pterosaur. He and Terry defeated each other with Spectral Lancer and Ultimate Fire during the final battle in Fate of the Cosmos, but what happened to his card afterwards is unclear.


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