Spectral Armor Isisaurus is an armored version of Isisaurus/Genie used by Sheer when under her control.


Isisaurus (Spectral Armor) 2

Spectral Armor Isisaurus (Genie)

Move CardsEdit

Hydro Cutter
Genie sent three blades of water at Terry, Spiny and Tank, slicing and defeating them.

TCG LoresEdit

Aquatic World
Whenever you draw 1 or more cards, draw an additional card.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Sheer used her ship to add in some Spectral Armor to Genie and control him. After capturing Zahrah, Sheer used him to defeat Terry, Spiny and Tank with Hydro Cutter. After Sheer was knocked out by Aladdin, Genie went out of control and defeated Paris too. However, Chomp and Ace defeated Genie and destroyed the Spectral Armor by combining Ultimate Thunder and Ultimate Wind.


  • There never was a card for Isisaurus's armored form in the anime, as it was never affiliated with the Space Pirates until Sheer took control of it by forcibly adding Spectral Armor.
  • As it appears in the Spectral Armor Shock TCG deck, it doesn't have the ability [Spectral Armor] that most other Spectral Armor Dinosaurs do.


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