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Recently, several studies have found the family "Hypsilophodontidae" to be paraphylitic (like "Iguanodontidae") instead of a valid clade. Also, Leaellynasaura and other former "hypsilophodonts" have been found to be either inside or outside of Ornithopoda depending on the study.

General StatisticsEdit


Full-sized Leaellynasaura

  • Name: Leaellynasaura amicagraphica
  • Name Meaning: Leaellyn's lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 2-3 meters (6.5-10 feet)
  • Time Period: Early/Middle Cretaceous
  • Classification: Ornithopoda --> "Hypsilophodontidae"
  • Place Found: Dinosaur Cove, Australia
  • Describer: T. Rich & P. Rich, 1988

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Grass Move Leaellyn Cure

Leaellyn Cure

  • Attribute: Normal
    • TCG: Grass
  • Appears In: Move Cards (Leaellyn Cure)
  • Power (TCG): 1000
  • Sign: Paper
    • TCG: Scissors
  • Other: In the DS game it was mistaken to be the legendary Forest Dweller. Its official TCG name is "Leaellynasaura Healer" instead of simply "Leaellynasaura" for unknown reasons; of note, the "Healer" suffix is paralleled in the French TCG name, but not the German version.

Move CardsEdit

Leaellyn Cure
Leaellynasaura arrives and slightly heals your dinosaur!

TCG LoresEdit

When this Dinosaur wins a battle during your turn, you gain 1 Life Point.
Spirited Heal (Mysterious Leaellynasaura)
During your turn, you can discard 1 card. If you do, you gain 1 Life Point. You can only use this ability once per turn.


  • Since Leaellynasaura is a non-iguanodontid/hadrosaurid ornithopod with the Grass Element, it can be implied that all of Ornithopoda have the Grass Element.


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