Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus is the armored form of Lexovisaurus, used by the Space Pirates when under their control.



Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus

Move CardsEdit

Sand Trap
Lexovisaurus summoned a pool of quicksand underneath Zoe, Zahrah, and Paris.

TCG LoresEdit

Iron Defense
When this Dinosaur uses a regular Move and loses the battle, its life is reduced to 1.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Sheer summoned this form to attack the D-Team. It defeated Chomp without a Move Card by sending him flying into the side of a mountain. Then Sheer had it trap Zoe, Zahrah, and Paris with Sand Trap, but Ace defeated it with Hurricane Beat, destroying its Spectral Armor. It can be activated by placing a black and white version of its card on Sheer's Dino Holder.


  • As it appears in the Spectral Armor Shock TCG deck, it doesn't have the ability [Spectral Armor] that most other Spectral Armor Dinosaurs do.


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