Magma Blaster is a Fire Super Move.


Magma Blaster 1

Magma Blaster card


  • Gigas used this Move and accidentally started a forest fire while in the Jurassic Period.
  • Terry used this Move as part of the Fusion Move that broke open the Dark Pterosaur's outer shield.
  • It is the first Move used in Mesozoic Meltdown, and it was used by Gavro's Torvosaurus.
  • Although other Moves were used more often, Magma Blaster was used by 4 dinosaurs, more than any other Move Card. It therefore also has the most copies of any known Move, with at least 3 different physical cards seen (though all likely identical).
  • In the arcade, you have to win at Rock after losing to use this Move.
  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Searing Lava.


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