Four Part Harmony is the 10th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 59th episode overall.


After a near-disaster with the Backlander and following the Pterosaur again, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang arrive in Ancient China. The Space Pirates are already here, and Foolscap summoned Shantungosaurus in his quest for the Purple Cosmos Stone. When Foolscap kidnaps the Buddhist monk Genzo Sanzo Hoshi, he runs into the D-Team, who have detected the dinosaur's presence.

Zoe uses the Pteranodons from Metal Wing to rescue Sanzo, but Foolscap activates his dinosaur's Spectral Armor to defeat Paris, and uses Green Impulse to summon Tupuxuara, who tries to retrieve the monk. Max uses Chomp to defeat Shantungosaurus and Tupuxuara, but Foolscap escapes, disgruntled, after being hit by his own dinosaur.

Max then tries to climb a tall tree where Sanzo's Cosmos Stone-looking necklace ended up, but after grabbing it, the branch he was standing on breaks...


Zoe vs. FoolscapEdit

Chomp and Paris are summoned to stop Foolscap, but Shantungosaurus charges, knocking over Paris, and Chomp is recalled.

Zoe activates Metal Wing to snatch Sanzo Hoshi from Shantungosaurus's back. At that point, Foolscap activates the dinosaur's Spectral Armor. He then uses Green Impulse to have Tupuxuara attack the Pteranodon, while Shantungosaurus defeats Paris.

Foolscap wins

Max vs. FoolscapEdit

Max summons Chomp again to fight Shantungosaurus and activates DinoTector Armor. Chomp knocks Tupuxuara away from Sanzo and starts a standoff with Shantungosaurus.

Sanzo runs over to try and stop it, but Tupuxuara dives at him (and misses). Foolscap tries to snatch Sanzo, but Rex knocks him out of the way, and in the confusion, Shantungosaurus swats Foolscap with its tail.

Max takes the opportunity to have Chomp use Plasma Anchor and defeat Shantungosaurus, thereby defeating Tupuxuara, too.

Max wins

New CardsEdit

  1. Shantungosaurus dinosaur card
  2. Spectral Armor Shantungosaurus dinosaur card
  3. Green Impulse move card (featuring Tupuxuara)


Four Part Harmony

Four Part Harmony

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 10